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About Nuuk

Nuuk, the world’s smallest capital city, has two harbours - Colonial and the busier Atlantic - but its most popular attraction is the National Museum and Archives covering 4,500 years of Greenland history and including an unforgettable display of 500-year-old freeze-dried mummies discovered in Qilakitsoq.

There is more fascinating history to be found near the university – also the world’s smallest – with the discovery of neo-Eskimo ruins while the beautiful Our Saviours Church is a relatively modern attraction being built about 150 years ago.

The exact whereabouts of Santa Claus are the subject of some debate but this city’s residents say that he lives at 3900 Nuuk, coincidentally right next door to the tourist office by the Colonial Harbour. There is a big post box right outside for those last-minute requests from the children.


Shore excursions in Nuuk

We're sorry but there are currently no shore excursions available at this destination.


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