About Rouen

It's quite a kudos for somewhere to associate itself with a famous character, whether that be literally or literary. Rouen has quite a lot of kudos as Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, Pierre Corneille, Gustave Flaubert, Guy de Maupassant and Claude Monet are all associated with this city.

And these colourful characters have left their legacy amidst the 14 outstanding museum collections. But history is really brought to life among the medieval streets and half timbered houses of the city - thankfully the streets are feet friendly and pedestrianised. This also means there's more pavement for pavement cafés! 

Coffee and croissants aside, tourist must-tick-offs include the Notre Dame Cathedral, the abbey church of Saint-Ouen, Saint Maclou church and the Normandy parliament building.


Shore excursions in Rouen

Sorry, there's no excursions available for this port right now. Please check back for our exciting new collection.

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