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Facing Tokyo Bay, Yokohama has one of the finest harbours in the world. Only a little over 100 years ago, Yokohama was an insignificant village of one hundred farming-fishing families. Since then it has survived several calamities to become a prosperous city of over three million people and Japan's major commercial gateway to the world. It's also the gateway to Japan's frenetic, futuristic and fast capital - Tokyo.

As you will be able to see on our cruises to Tokyo, the most striking aspect of the city is its sheer level of energy.  It's a place where the urgent rhythms of consumer culture overlap with the quieter moments that have survived from centuries-old traditions. With almost 30 million people living within a 22-mile radius of the Imperial Palace, the crowds, the traffic and the fact that no buildings carry addresses will make your Tokyo cruise unforgettable.

The Ginza blazes with endless neon, its magnificent shops offering the best of Japanese goods and global fashions. Eating out is your chance to try fresh sushi or sashimi (sushi without the rice!). For an insight into Japanese culture, our Tokyo cruises gives you the time to visit the temples and shrines at Kamakura or browse in the stalls adjacent to Tokyo's Asakusa Kannon Temple. Tokyo is a glittering example of the 'miracle' of post-WWII Japan.


Shore excursions in Tokyo

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.


Activity mediumShopping

Duration: 4½ hours

Visit Kamakura, Japan’s ancient capital, with its many shrines and temples and the famous statue of the Great Buddha.

Kamakura’s main landmark is the Great Buddha. Standing at the Kotoku-in Temple and built almost 750 years ago, the bronze statue, at 38 feet high, is one of the largest sitting Buddha’s in the world.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine is another of Kamakura’s foremost tourist attractions and features Kamakura’s symbol, the red Torii gate. Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu has served as the divine protection for the Minamoto family for many years and you can see this majestic shrine during your visit.

Continue to Komachi-dori, a modern street where you can seek out a souvenir or two. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this popular shopping spot.

Journey through rolling countryside before joining the Yokoyoko highway to Kamakura; the return journey is also by highway.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. There are 62 steps at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, however the upper visit is optional. There is approximately 2 hours of walking involved on this tour and comfortable, non-slip shoes and bottled water are recommended. Only Japanese Yen will be accepted by local vendors.

Mount Fuji and Hakone National Park

Activity highMeal included

Duration: 9 hours

Marvel at the views of Mount Fuji and visit Hakone, a beautiful mountain region with volcanic hot springs.

Wedged between Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula, Hakone lies within the crater of an extinct volcano, boasting a wealth of hot-spring resorts and a beautiful mountain lake.

12 miles in circumference, Lake Ashi was formed some 400,000 years ago. The reflection of Mount Fuji, through the pines, makes a perfect souvenir photograph. Relax and enjoy the scenery during a short boat cruise on the Lake.

Take a ride in a cable-car, known as the Hakone Ropeway. Enjoy breathtaking views as you travel up to the ‘Valley of Hell’. On clear days, this area offers some of the best views of Mount Fuji whose perfectly symmetrical cone, Japan’s highest peak, is the most instantly recognisable symbol of the country.
A western-style lunch will be served during your tour.

Essential information

This tour is conducted by coach, cable car and ropeway. Views of Mount Fuji are dependent on weather conditions. Operation of this tour is dependent on favourable weather conditions. The visit of Owakudani valley and Hakone ropeway may be replaced to Komagatake ropeway to due to the increase in recent volcanic activity. The journey time to Hakone is approximately 2 hours each way, with a comfort stop en route. Additional steps and slopes must be climbed at the Ropeway and boat pier. Passengers who do not wish to ride the Ropeway may be transferred by coach. Comfortable, flat, walking shoes and bottled water are recommended. Only Japanese Yen will be accepted by local vendors.

Panoramic Tokyo

Activity lowShopping

Duration: 4 hours

Enjoy an overview of Tokyo from your coach with a short stop at the Tokyo Tower.

Leaving Yokohama behind, travel via the Rainbow Bridge, gateway to Tokyo city. Sights you will encounter on this tour include towering office blocks and commercial centres and also the Tokyo Tower, a 1,092-foot-structure, 43 foot taller than the Eiffel Tower. From the 492-foot-high Grand Observation platform, enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo and some free time for souvenir shopping.

Pass the ’Geihin-kan’ (National Guest House) and the government office district, location of the National Diet Building. View Ginza, the famous shopping area and the JR Tokyo Station where you might be lucky to spot a bullet train pass by.

Your panoramic drive also passes the Imperial Palace Plaza. Surrounded by a moat and hidden away, the main entrance is approached by an elegant Nijubashi Bridge, or Double Bridge. The palace and its grounds are opened to the public only on special occasions.

Essential information

The journey from Yokohama to Tokyo takes approximately 1¼ hours each way on the motorway. Heavy traffic delays within the city are to be expected. The order of highlights may vary and it is likely you will pass some sights more than once, depending on traffic congestion. At the Tokyo Tower, there is approximately 30 minutes of walking at your own pace. Only Japanese Yen will be accepted by local vendors.

Tokyo Highlights

Activity mediumMeal includedShopping

Duration: 7 hours

Discover the highlights of Tokyo, a thriving city that exudes a high level of energy from dawn until dusk.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic, neon signs, towering business districts and a huge population of over 12 million – this is Tokyo. Towering architecture and busy streets are, however, only one of the faces of the city - for amidst the modern hustle and bustle are reminders of the past.

The Meiji Shrine and its large park are dedicated to Emperor Meiji, who saw the transformation of this country from a medieval to a modern state. It was during his reign (1868–1912) that Edo became Japan’s new capital and was renamed Tokyo. Enter the Shrine through the 40-foot-high Torii gate, one of the largest in Japan.

Enjoy a delicious Japanese Teppanyaki lunch served at a local restaurant.

The ancient temple of Senso-ji features a small gold statue of the Goddess of Mercy, two great gates and rows of traditional shops and stalls, known as Nakamise, selling a plethora of goods. You will have time to shop at the old fashioned stalls for wonderful mementos.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by coach and on foot.The journey from Yokohama to Tokyo takes approximately 1½ hours on the motorway. Heavy traffic delays within the city are to be expected and may affect the itinerary of this tour. There is approximately 2 hours of walking involved on this tour and comfortable, non-slip shoes and bottled water are recommended. Shops at Nakamise accept Yen and major credit cards only.

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