Italy, Malta and Greece
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Italy, Malta and Greece

26 Mar - 19 Apr 2018 | 24 NIGHTS | 14 PORTS | Oceana (E806B)


Italy, Malta and Greece, 26 Mar - 19 Apr 2018, 24 NIGHTS, 14 PORTS

Ancient wonders and new experiences on board beloved Oceana

Join Oceana in Southampton and sail to the Mediterranean’s early spring sun. Overflowing with mythical islands, amazing seafood and cultural attractions, the Med has it all. As the birthplace of western civilisation, there’s no shortage of ancient ruins to amaze you. The most spectacular are in Rome and Athens (tours from Civitavecchia and Piraeus), with UNESCO World Heritage Sites at almost every turn.

Architectural splendour and rich culture await in Barcelona, while the Rock of Gibraltar offers stunning views from the top, as well as below, in spectacular natural caves and an amazing labyrinth of manmade siege tunnels. Art lovers will be smitten with Florence (tours from La Spezia) and a stroll around the cobbled streets of red-roofed Dubrovnik reveals one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. On this cruise you’ll have plenty of time to explore ashore with full days in most ports. Then fly home to the UK from Valletta, on tiny but mighty Malta.

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