Spain, France and Italy

Spain, France and Italy

11 May - 25 May 2018 | 14 NIGHTS | 7 PORTS | Ventura (N809)


Spain, France and Italy, 11 May - 25 May 2018, 14 NIGHTS, 7 PORTS

Explore castles, cathedrals and citadels on this cultural Med adventure

Join Ventura in Southampton and discover the varied cultures of the Mediterranean. Explore a collection of magnificent cathedrals, grand castles and fortified ancient towns. The ‘City of Light’ will dazzle you, as will Gaudi’s modernist masterpieces. From Livorno, climb Pisa’s leaning tower or delve into Florence’s Renaissance riches. From Civitavecchia, uncover the boundless gems in the Eternal City of Rome. With UNESCO World Heritage Sites at almost every turn, you’ll have plenty of time to explore ashore with full days in most ports. Then, after rounding the Pillars of Hercules in Gibraltar (not to mention some fantastic duty-free shopping), it’s a leisurely couple of days home to Southampton.

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