Scandinavia and Russia

Scandinavia and Russia

19 May - 04 Jun 2018 | 16 NIGHTS | 9 PORTS | Aurora (R807)


Scandinavia and Russia, 19 May - 04 Jun 2018, 16 NIGHTS, 9 PORTS

Cruise off the beaten track and explore the intriguing Baltic

The Baltic Sea is framed by a host of countries, each boasting a rich cultural heritage that stretches back eons. Sitting at the crossroads between eastern and western cultures, they also bear an intriguing blend of artistic periods and styles. Each city has its own unique attraction – this is just a taster. Modern Oslo is an enticing mix of new and old, best viewed from the scenic Oslofjord. Copenhagen, with over a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants, is a gastronome’s dream. You’ll have two full days to enjoy the treasures of flamboyant St Petersburg. And atmospheric Tallinn’s medieval history and storybook turrets will captivate you. With full days in most ports, you’ll have plenty of time to explore ashore.

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