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Visit the historic monuments, taste wine in lush vineyards and stroll on sandy bays.

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Destination Highlights


The islands of the Caribbean are a jamboree of jewels in a joyful sea of relaxed living. You’re welcomed into paradise with a refreshing cocktail of sun-baked bliss and vibrant culture.

Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands

Escape to your happy place – where the air is as warm as the smiles that greet you. Here, culture and history sit arm-in-arm with beaches and bars. Best of all, it’s a place you can enjoy all year round.

Short Breaks

From well-earned weekends away, to marking milestone moments, or simply getting away for a few days' rest and recreation, we have a collection of cruises that are short and oh-so sweet.


investigate the sights and sounds behind best-selling thrillers and scheming Scandi dramas. Brace yourself for a history of intrigue and invasions, and a collision of grand traditions and contemporary designs.

Seasonal Cruises

Planning that important family holiday or a special Christmas away? We've highlighted the cruises in our 2019 programme that set sail in the holidays or over Christmas and New Year so you can easily plan for your next adventure.

School holiday cruises

Trying to co-ordinate your family holidays around the school holidays is no mean feat. We’ve highlighted which cruises fall during the holidays but as they can vary by school, it’s worth doing your homework before you book.

Christmas cruises

Twinkling fairy lights, festive favourites on the menu and days of effortless enjoyment ahead – step aboard and straight into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Cruises

Sail over Christmas

A classic Christmas awaits you, brimming with tradition and surprises.

Christmas Cruises

Sail over New Year

Join us for New Year and we'll help you celebrate into the small hours.

Christmas Cruises

All 2019 festive cruises

'Tis the season to go cruising!

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Find great deals on our brand new ship family-friendly ship, Iona


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Find great deals on Aurora, our mid sized and exclusively for adults ship


Find great deals on Arcadia, an exclusively for adults, mid-sized ship.


Find great deals on Oceana, our mid-sized a family-friendly ship.


Find great deals on Ventura, our larger family-friendly ship.

Linger a little longer

The beauty of cruising is while you can often awake to a new destination, your ship will often stay into the evening to add an extra dimension to your time away, you'll see a different side to the cities you’ve explored by day!


St. Lucia is the epitome of a Caribbean paradise. Here you can watch parrots and hummingbirds skim through the trees, bask on beautiful beaches, view stunning volcanic scenery and glory in the Caribbean’s best botanical gardens.


The 'Pearl of the Arabian Gulf', Dubai is one of the seven emirates that comprises the United Arab Emirates. With a mix of traditional architecture and glittering modern buildings, Dubai is a place of contrasts.


Our Tenerife cruises bring you close to one of the world's most varied landscapes, ranging from valleys and plantations to beaches, pinewoods and the volcanic `moonscape' of Mount Teide National Park.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates. Look past the futuristic skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and endless shopping malls and you'll see that the cultures of an older society still remain.


You may feel that you could be on the Cornish coast but the moment you hear the waves of gospel singing emanating from a tiny local church you'll realise you could not be anywhere else but Barbados.


Alta rightly claims the title of ‘The town of the Northern Lights’. The world’s first Northern Lights observatory was built here back in 1899. Look forward to snow mobile safaris, dog sledding and a warm and friendly welcome.

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