Out now... our biggest holiday collection ever!

There’s so much to look forward to with our newest and biggest ever holiday collection. With ample time to venture ashore, you can simply pause, take it all in and make the most of every last second. Choose from a collection of summer 2021 and winter 2021/22 holidays, and you’ll soon be soaking up the thrill of travel that’s filled with exploration, laughter and good times.

So... where to?

Look ahead to summer 2021

Iona will make her way to the Norwegian Fjords for a season of 7 night holidays while Britannia and Ventura will be lighting up the Western Med. Why not join Oceana in the Canaries or join Azura on our Mediterranean fly-cruise programme?

Winter 2021/22 beckons

Aurora will be our World Cruise ship, for the first time since 2017. Britannia and Azura will continue in the Caribbean, including Christmas holidays. Arcadia embarks on Grand Tours with her first transit of the Amazon River and Oceana will offer holidays to Dubai & Arabian Gulf.

New horizons


On the wild west coast of Scotland lies this pretty port, named ‘The Little Bay’ in Scottish Gaelic. The waterfront is backdropped by handsome buildings that hint at the town’s fascinating past and its fishing heritage, and when you explore a little further you’ll find there’s much more to discover.


Nestled peacefully at the end of one of Norway’s most beautiful waterways, Nordfjordeid is a picturesque, hidden gem. Wander the old centre of town to find white-painted buildings brimming with cafés, restaurants, bakeries and shops, or discover unique architecture at the modern opera house or the 19th century Eid Church – home to spectacular carvings and intricate paintings.

So where will our ships be?

Brand New Ship


Family-friendly Iona will make her way to the Norwegian Fjords for a full season of 7 night holidays.

Family Friendly


Family-friendly Britannia will be lighting up the Western Med in summer 2021 and will continue with winter 2021/2022 in the sparkling Caribbean.

Family Friendly


Family-friendly Ventura will spend her summer lighting up the Western Med.

Exclusively for Adults


Exclusively-for-adults Arcadia will be embarking on Grand Tours with her first ever transit of the Amazon River.

Family Friendly


Family-friendly Oceana will continue to offer alternating 7 night holidays to Dubai & Arabian Gulf for summer 2021, or join her in the sun-kissed Canaries for winter 2021/2022.

Family Friendly


Family-friendly Azura will take over our Mediterranean fly-cruise programme for summer 2021 while spending winter 2021/ 2022 in th Caribbean.

Exclusively for Adults


Join exclusively-for adults Aurora on a full western circumnavigation of the world in 99 nights for the first time since 2017.