Why we can’t wait to holiday again with P&O Cruises


Guests Michael and Shirley Young have completed 150 cruises with P&O Cruises, having taken their first holiday at sea in 1982

Here, they look back at their many happy travels and look ahead to many more when ships set sail again 

Over the past months, we’ve been reminiscing about our many wonderful holidays with P&O Cruises. Cruise mementos decorate the places where we live so we are constantly reminded of the journeys we’ve been on as we look at the beautiful menus and cruise logs we’ve collected at the end of each cruise. We also think of the wonderful people we have known and made friends with over the years. 

Each cruise holiday stands out for different reasons but if we had to pick one it would be the first time we sailed across to New York. We were married in the Municipal Buildings in Manhattan and had our wedding breakfast in the Windows of The World restaurant at the top of the North Twin Tower. We continue to take that same trip every September whenever we can.

Our favourite places

"Without hesitation, our favourite destination is Barbados. The splendour of the Caribbean really does start the minute you get down the gangway."

Everything is very close by, the people are so friendly and the sparkling beaches offer the best experiences in the world, whether you want to snorkel, go turtle-watching, sunbathe or simply watch the world go by whilst sipping a cocktail.

"Of all the cities, we never tire of Venice. Apart from the obvious features of the canals, gondolas, wonderful architecture and artefacts, the opportunity to go people watching never disappoints."

*shore excursions to Venice from Trieste

The Venetians themselves make this place a really outstanding and unique destination. We can’t wait to go back and wander the rabbit warren of backstreets to get to Saint Mark’s Square. We always end up getting lost and have to tag on the end of someone who looks as if they know where they are going!

Perhaps our favourite view is the one when sailing out of Mumbai and looking back across the water at the Gateway of India. The sun sets like a gigantic red orb, hundreds of little boats wave the ship off and, as we sail away, the smell and sounds of that fabulous city linger with us for days. It’s truly magical.

Our love of life on board

"We’ve been missing the social life on ship, whether it’s dinner with friends, cocktails, or watching a cabaret or show. Being on board ship is one of the few places left where one can dress up, enjoy oneself and have the added bonus of not having to get a taxi home."

We’re longing to feast on the battered king prawns with a sweet-and-sour sauce in Epicurean on Ventura. Chef Godfrey prepares them like no one else. That dish combined with the restaurant setting overlooking the stern and such fantastic service… what is there not to enjoy?

We’re also missing the glorious cocktails at The Metropolis Bar on Ventura under the leadership of Galmes Mendez – we call him The Gladiator! We usually have a glass each of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. However, when we do get back on board again, it will be pink Champagne all the way!

If anything, recent events have increased our enthusiasm for cruising, if that’s possible.  We enjoy the ship’s routines and the availability of everything we could want in abundance. Most of all, we love the fantastic service offered by each and every member of the crew regardless of their rank, stature or nationality. If we could pass on a message to them? Be patient – we are coming!