What’s new in Norway


From scenery to salmon to spooky stories, discover a different side to the fjords with five new Norwegian on-shore experiences


1. Kjenndal Glacier, Olden

Beautiful, powerful, ancient – glaciers are prime examples of nature at its most awe-inspiring. The Kjenndal Glacier, an offshoot of the mighty Jostedal (at 487km2, the largest glacier in Europe), carves through the rocky mountainside and feeds the 20km-long Lovatnet Lake. The drive to it is breathtaking in itself – the lush Kjenndal Valley is one of the country’s wildest, offering towering mountain walls and calm green lakes. From Kjenndalen, walk to the nearby viewpoint, marvel at the ice that flows down the mountainside and breathe in the pure, fresh air.

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2. Twisted Tales of Stavanger

Norway’s oldest city blends a tumultuous history (it’s the home of Vikings, after all) with a striking fjordic setting. No wonder it has some spooky tales to tell. Take a walk here and discover the shady and salacious secrets of the city, and meet characters from its past who will light up the experience (and inject a little humour). Find out where heads rolled, see where criminals were confined, and walk in the footsteps of those who took sinful strolls in the night. Pause at what’s left of a cell where ‘witches’ were held before their trials, and visit famous landmarks and corners of town where few would dare to venture.

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3. Scenic Coasts and Salmon Farm, Bergen

Dive deeper into Norway’s important relationship with its waters by exploring the country’s coast and the many charms it offers. Cross the Sotra bridge into Øygarden, the ‘island garden’ of Bergen, where fishing and farming are still prosperous occupations (Norway is the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon, enjoyed by millions around the world every day). Snap photos in the farming community of Herdlevær, find out about the local way of life at the Coastal Museum and take a RIB ride to a working salmon farm. Then tuck into homemade lapper – thick pancakes served with jam and sour cream – before journeying back.

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4. Sky-High Views at Strandafjell, Alesund

If it’s epic scenery you’re after, Norway has it in spades. One of the best views is from the summit of Strandafjell mountain, some 1,040m above sea level. Gaze out at the unspoilt landscapes as you head to Magerholm, where you’ll board the ferry to Sykkylven. At Strandafjell, hop on the cable car and take some time to soak up the vistas over the fjord village of Stranda, the awe-inspiring Storfjord and the jagged mountains. Enjoy a coffee break before you head back to Ålesund, this time via the ferry crossing from Stranda to Liabygda and along the bank of the picturesque Nordfjord.

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5. Sola Beach & Coastal Walk, Stavanger

Fjords likely spring to mind first when thinking of Norway’s coast, but the country also boasts a surprising selection of beautiful sandy beaches. Sola Beach – Stavanger’s Riviera – is a 2.3km-long stretch of sand that begs to be strolled. Walking across the bay, you’ll pass defensive bunkers from the Second World War. If a breeze is blowing, you’ll likely see the colourful sails of windsurfers zipping over the water. Admire the old house on the edge of Ræge Beach and walk over the slightly hilly terrain as you make your way to Ølberg where, if the timing’s right, you’ll see fishing boats bringing in the day’s catch.

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