Supernova - Nicole Scherzinger.
Client: P&O Cruises
Picture date: Sunday August 13, 2023.
Photograph by Christopher Ison ©

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Hushed words, whispered clues and mysterious glances... Schhh is Arvia and Iona’s best-kept secret.


Schhh is a multisensory experience unlike anything you’ve seen on a P&O Cruises holiday. When the sun goes down, the SkyDome will be transformed into an otherworldly space where ethereal dancers, spellbinding music and enthralling visuals will transport you to a place where you can let go, escape and surrender to the night’s spell.

Nicole Scherzinger is the creative force behind the event and has been at its heart from day one, putting her superstar sparkle on everything from costumes to music to choreography and an exclusive cocktail.


Talking of which...

Nicole's signature cocktail

The global superstar teamed up with P&O Cruises and cocktail expert Jean Vital Castellani to create a drink to pair with the spellbinding spirit of Schhh. The result is an exclusive new cocktail called the Schhh – a fiery blend of tequila, Aperol, passion fruit, pineapple, citrus and chilli that will light up your night. It’s served on the rocks with a rim of coconut sugar and Tajin, a salty, spicy, citrus seasoning. Garnished with lime and chilli, it looks every bit as sensational as it tastes.


The cocktail is only available in SkyDome during performances of Schhh on Arvia and Iona, so if you want to try it, you’ve got to get in on the secret...

The making of...

You can experience Schhh on holidays on board Iona and Arvia. Want to know more? You’ll have to see it for yourself...

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