Shop talk: spring flings


With the new season comes a range of exciting launches in our on-board shops. Whether you’re after gin or jewellery, watches or wardrobe updates, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we speak to Jet Set Candy founder Nicole Parker King to find out what inspires her jewellery designs, which destinations she loves most and why a holiday at sea is so special 


Jet Set Candy

Want to commemorate a special holiday? Jet Set Candy’s travel-inspired charms represent all four corners of the globe, from Croatia to the Caribbean, the United States to the United Arab Emirates. Mix and match charms on chains or bracelets to tell your own unique story. Check out the new Cruise Collection, with charms and jewellery featuring nautical motifs such as anchors, ships and sea creatures.

Jet Set Candy is now available on Britannia


Build your own memories on board with Kallati. The fine jewellery brand offers the opportunity to custom-make your own piece of jewellery. Working with a brand ambassador, you’ll sketch your design and receive 3D renderings, all before you leave the ship. The final piece will then be delivered to your home in approximately eight weeks.

Inspired by the hues and vibrancy of the colours that surround us, Kallati’s collections are an explosion of colour and innovation, designed to celebrate life’s special and cherished moments. The brand has also created unique pieces specifically for our guests: the exclusive P&O Cruises 9k Collection features a large selection of elegant pieces in nine-karat gold including earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets.

Kallati is available on Arcadia, Aurora and Ventura

Chase Gin

Fancy a tipple? New on board from Chase Gin is GB Gin, crafted by copper-pot distilling Chase Potato Vodka with 10 botanicals: juniper (the buds and the berries), cinnamon, ginger, coriander, angelica root, almond, clove, lemon peel and liquorice root.

Chase Gin is available on Azura and Britannia.

What’s new in watches

New on board, Thom Olson watches are designed to fully express your personality. The company – a sister brand of Fossil – offers well-priced, refined creations that reveal your originality through a range of customisable charms that can be switched up according to mood or occasion. The Citizen Satellite Wave is available exclusively at sea with P&O Cruises. With coverage across 40 UTC standard time zones, watches with satellite wave technology ensure the most accurate time in any conventional watch – perfect for sailing the seven seas.

Thom Olson watches are available on Azura and Britannia. The Citizen Satellite Wave is available on Azura and Britannia

New-season launches from your favourites

Look out for new launches from some of your favourite brands this season. If you’re after a wardrobe update, check out new collections from Joules, Lacoste and French Connection, all available on Azura and Britannia. Want to treat yourself to a new watch or piece of jewellery? Skagen, Fossil and Swarovski – available on Azura and Britannia – all have brilliant options to offer. Wellness brand Neom, meanwhile, offers 100% natural, therapeutic fragrances nurture your body, support your mind and boost your wellbeing.

Neom is available on Britannia. 

Q&A with Nicole Parker King

Creator-in-Chief of Jet Set Candy

Q1. Tell us about the inspiration behind Jet Set Candy

I was on a trip to Sri Lanka and wanted to find a really cool wearable souvenir, but I could only find t-shirts with palm trees that could just as easily have been found in Hawaii. It occurred to me that there was no company out there focused exclusively on chic, wearable and collectible souvenirs. I’ve always had a passion for jewellery and for charms in particular – my grandmother had the most amazing charm bracelets and I’ve been collecting charms since I was a little girl – so creating a collection of travel-themed jewellery came naturally to me. Plus, jewellery is small so it’s easy to travel with.

Q2. Why do you think the brand is a good fit for P&O Cruises?

We just launched a range of passport stamp charms for every country in the world, so of course all the ports that P&O Cruises stops in are covered. Now, you can wear the perfect conversation pieces (either on necklace chains or as a charm bracelet) that reference your recent visits to Miami, Barbados, St Maarten, St Lucia or anywhere else you might be travelling to.

Q3. Are you an avid traveller yourself? What are your top three destinations and why?

I love to travel and have been to over 50 countries. I also lived in India for three and a half years (my husband was an Australian diplomat, which is why we lived there; now he works for the United Nations). I love India for the colours and food, Paris for the culture and Barbados for the beaches. Last year I finally got to go scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which had been top of my bucket list, and it did not disappoint.

Q4. Can you tell us about the Jet Set Candy Cruise Collection? What’s your favourite piece?

We’ve recently launched a cruise collection that has a bunch of fun, nautically themed items including a cruise ship charm (naturally!), sea creature charms, anchor pieces including charms, earrings, and rings, and much more. I think my favourite piece is the Anchor Ring… If you wear it facing towards you, the top says ‘Home is where the anchor drops’. Flip it and it says ‘Anchors Aweigh.’ I also love the mermaid charm – she’s super cute and great for layering with other charms.

Q5. What do you think P&O Cruises guests will enjoy most about the collection?

Thinking about our travels always brings up fond memories. I love that I can look down at my wrist and see my Thailand charm and, even on a cold, wet day stuck indoors, I’m instantly transported to my honeymoon and the warm waters of Koh Samui. Jet Set Candy truly is the perfect keepsake to commemorate the memories made while travelling.

Q6. What is it about sea travel that sets it apart from other types of travelling? What do you think makes it special?

There’s nothing I love more than being on the ocean, smelling the salt air and feeling the sun and breeze on my face. You just don’t get that on a plane or a train where the windows don’t open. This John F. Kennedy quote has always resonated with me: ‘We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.’