Tread the trail less travelled


Keen to connect with local culture? We’ve partnered with global tour operator Urban Adventures to bring you a host of experiences that take you beneath the skin of your destination.

Embark on an Urban Adventure to find out what makes a place unique and enjoy a different kind of day ashore.

The excitement begins as you make your own way to the meeting point, usually in the city centre. From here, your guide will reveal the secrets that only a local can – the quietest courtyards, the buzziest bars, the tastiest treats and the most magical monuments. From street food and street art to beer tasting and bike tours, these intimate experiences range from a few hours to a full day-long tour for groups of up to 12 people.

Ready to start exploring? Here are five of our favourite adventures

Copenhagen Hygge and Happiness

3.5 hours

Tour snapshot

If you want to understand Denmark, you need to understand hygge. The concept can be difficult to explain, but is easy to experience – and once you have it in you, you’ll know why Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. Take a peek into Copenhagen’s local life and find your own happy hygge place.


  • Get a better understanding of Danish culture and why the concept of hygge is so important
  • Visit city sites that ooze hygge and find out how you can bring some of that vibe back home with you
  • Learn why some people say Denmark is utopian, and how the local culture contributes to Danes topping the world happiness tables


Buenos Días Mallorca

2 hours

Tour snapshot

A good meal needs good conversation. And if we’re going to have that meal in Spain, that means our conversation should be in Spanish, right? Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical Spanish lesson – we’re going to skip the classroom and dig into a Mallorcan breakfast while we learn the local language.


  • Have a tasty Mallorcan breakfast in one of the oldest bars in the city
  • Practise your Spanish skills and pick up new words to help you in your travels
  • Learn more about Spanish culture and the festivals of Mallorca
  • Bring home a Spanish book prepared just for you


Foodies’ Feast of Heraklion

4 hours  

Tour snapshot

Crete is a foodies’ paradise and Heraklion is its capital. Come experience the city like a local and explore the neighbourhoods where residents live, eat and shop, all while snacking away on the best treats on the island.


  • Experience real Cretan food at eight authentic stops away from the tourist crowds
  • Become a cheese-tasting expert by learning how to spot the best local cheeses
  • Savour Heraklion’s bougatsa, a must-taste for any visitor to the city, and find out why organic Cretan olive oil is one of the best oils in the world
  • Enjoy a glass of local wine and learn the process from harvest to bottle
  • Learn about Greek coffee and see it brewed the traditional way


Experience Lisbon Walk 

3-4 hours

Tour snapshot

Not every city can pull off the quaint-little-bakery-hidden-down-a-laneway thing as well as Lisbon does. Join this tour to walk the streets tasting pastries, cheese, coffee, seafood and wine. Think you can handle that?


  • Visit some of Lisbon’s famously elegant squares
  • Snack on delicious pastries and cheese, and sip local wine
  • Explore vibrant, multicultural neighbourhoods
  • Learn about Lisbon’s heroes and history-makers
  • Stop to admire the views over Lisbon with a refreshing drink in hand
  • Cross the River Tagus on a ferry
  • Savour local wine and fresh seafood


Valencian Treats and Tastes

3.5-4 hours

Tour snapshot

Food, glorious food! Valencia may be famous for its paella, but that’s just one flavour in this full-on, taste-bud-tingling, gastronomical heaven. Hop on this food tour that lets you sample a wide selection of traditional and local treats, from horchata to jamón and even artisan chocolates. Then, fill up even further with a grand finale of tapas and wine.


  • Find out why Valencia’s cuisine is way more than just paella
  • Discover the tasty local gastronomy at two lively markets and an artisan shop
  • Taste authentic Valencian treats like horchata and fartón pastry, artisan chocolates and local wines
  • Enjoy gourmet tastings of jamón, chorizo and local cheeses, olive oils and tapenades, finished with tapas and wine at our favourite taberna
  • Hear about the area’s rich history and play a part in supporting small local businesses

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