About Alta do Chao

Not far from Santarem, situated along the Amazon, is the beach river resort of Alta do Chao. A beautiful bay in the Rio Tapajós, it is overlooked by two hills, one the shape of a church altar, giving the place its name. Fringed by pristine white sand beaches, which are lapped by deep blue waters, it has an almost Mediterranean appearance.

The small village consists of rustic native cottages, surrounded by lush tropical forest. Standing out with a façade that would look more at home in New Mexico, is the Centre for the Preservation of Indian Art, which houses a collection of Indian artefacts. Enjoy a pleasant stroll around, taste some Guarana, a local drink fermented from coffee beans, then head to the water for a swim.

Nearby at Belterra and Fordlandia, you can visit the ruins of what were once Henry Ford's huge rubber plantations in the 20's.


Shore excursions in Alta do Chao

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

Nature Walk From Alta Do Chao

Activity high

Duration: 4 hours

This nature tour gives you the chance to observe the local agriculture and learn about the Amazon’s native trees.

Set off on an 8-mile journey along the Cuiaba Highway, the only road connecting the middle of the Amazon to the rest of Brazil. During the journey you’ll observe the ‘slash and burn’ agriculture and the effect it has on the forest and land.

The highlight of the tour is a nature walk through the Santa Lucia Woods on special designated trails. The guides and local woodsmen will choose one of more than 3 miles of trails for your nature walk. You’ll have the opportunity to look at some of the 400 species of native trees and palms and experience the mystery of this living forest with its beautiful flora and fauna. Although the feature of this ecological tour is the flora, local guides will try to sight monkeys, sloth, lizards and anteaters.

Your return journey will take you back along the Cuiaba Highway.

Essential information

This excursion will operate by bus and on foot. This tour involves approximately 1½-2 hours’ walking over muddy, uneven and slippery surfaces, which includes some steep inclines. Comfortable, flat, non-slip walking shoes are recommended. The buses are not air-conditioned. It is advisable to wear a long-sleeved shirt, trousers and a light raincoat. Passengers are also recommended to take along insect repellent, sunglasses, sun block, a hat and a bottle of water. Wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed. This tour option is also available from the port of Santarem.

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