About Dikili

A popular resort for the Turkish because of its long dark sand beach which runs right past the main square, its location on the North Aegean coast also makes the Turkish fishing village and cruise port Dikili the best gateway to the superbly restored ruins at nearby Bergama, the modern name for the Ancient Greek city of Pergamum which was the capital of the Pergamum Empire in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.

Marvel at the way the marble-columned Roman Temple of Trajan has been rebuilt and take in the breathtaking views from the 10,000-seat Hellenistic theatre built into the hillside within the Acropolis. You will see the ruins of more theatres, as well as an aqueduct and a stadium down in the valley.

The other main site in Bergama is the Asclepion, the medical centre which was named for the god of medicine whose symbol - a snake - is on several temples, a library and the Roman theatre.


Shore excursions in Dikili

Sorry, there's no excursions available for this port right now. Please check back for our exciting new collection.

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