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In the early 17th century Keelung found its feet as a centre for military and commercial trade, continuing to do so through Spanish, Dutch and Qing Dynasty periods of rule. It was developed further still in the late 19th century when the Japanese arrived and as a result is now home to a number of key cultural sites including Ershawan Fort, Heping Island and Lovers Lake. But it's the dark that draws most visitors here for the Miaokou Night Market. And with a midnight departure, you too can experience the delicious street snacks and seafood of the most famous night market in Taiwan.


Shore excursions in Keelung

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

The Best of Taipei

Activity highMeal includedShopping

Duration: 8 hours

Discover all the best sights of the city of Taipei on this fascinating full day tour.

Traverse lush green hills on your way to the bustling city of Taipei, a city representing both the old and very new in Taiwan. Here, you will visit the National Palace Museum, where you’ll have the chance to marvel at some 600,000 priceless Chinese art treasures. This amazing collection has enabled the museum to be considered one of the 4 best museums in the world, and is certainly one of Taiwan’s leading attractions.

On your way to lunch, you’ll stop at the impressive Martyrs Shrine, built to hold the 390,000 spirit tablets of soldiers killed in service to their country. Your lunch will be served at the magnificent Grand Hotel. Standing proudly on top of a hill overlooking Taipei, the hotel could easily be confused with a grand Chinese palace.

Protected by dragons and phoenixes, Lungshan Temple, home of the gilded goddess of Mercy is your next highlight. Ornate walls house serene statues intermingled with small impish looking gods representing a large proportion of the pantheon of deities that call this colourful temple home, and your guide will tell you all about them during your visit here.

You’ll also the visit the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall dedicated to the late President. This impressive hall lies alongside a concert hall and opera house set in landscaped gardens and is a significant landmark of the city.

Complete your discovery of this vibrant city with a stop at the Handicraft Centre to pick up those all important souvenirs, before your journey back to the ship via Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings.

Essential information

This tour operates by coach and on foot. There is approximately 2½ hours’ total walking during this tour including your visits. There are approximately 90 steps at the Memorial Hall, although a lift is available. Photography is not permitted inside the National Palace Museum. Please note as the museum is a major attraction, it can get very crowded. Most shops will accept local currency only. Credit cards will be accepted at larger shops and department stores.

Historic Taipei

Activity mediumMeal included

Duration: 7¾ hours

Originally called ‘Formosa’, it was the Han Chinese settlers who truly made Taiwan their home and this tour will transport you back to those early days.

One of the first Chinese Han families to arrive in Taiwan were the Lin Family, who made a large fortune in trading. In the mid 19th century the family built Lin Family Mansion and Gardens, which is the largest remaining example from this period left in Taiwan. During your time here you can join your guide who will tell you about the family, as you navigate the maze-like walkways in the gardens, filled with water features and rare flower displays. The mansion itself is brimming with delicately carved furnishings and intricate window displays not seen anywhere else in Taiwan.

After a Chinese lunch, you will head to Dihua Street, Taiwan’s oldest and most historically diverse street. Filled with silk and cloth stores, traditional Chinese medicine, herbs and dried-food sellers. At a visit to a tea factory you’ll learn how these originally brought so much wealth to this photogenic old street.

Your guide will open up the history of this fascinating time capsule, and before heading back to your ship you’ll even get to visit the City God Temple, which although home to over 600 deities, is most famous and visited for being the home of the Chinese cupid Old Man Under the Moon. Here you could ask him or one of the other gods for a favour before leaving.

Essential information

This tour is conducted by coach and on foot. This tour includes approximately 2½ hrs worth of walking. Vendors will only accept local currency for purchases.

Landscapes and Lanterns

Activity high

Duration: 5 hours

Experience a day of visual wonders; from otherworldly landscapes, to movie-inspiring remote villages.

Your day of wonder begins with a journey to Yeliu Geological Park, where the force of Mother Nature has created its own ‘statue park’. Here you can learn the legend of the naughty turtle and the elephant riding fairy, or alternatively explore the unusual and unique rock formations found here. Your guide will show you the highlights of the Park, such as the ‘Queens Head’, ‘Fairy’s Shoe’ and ‘Peanut Rock’. Yeliu is also home to ‘Mushroom Fields’ and ‘Ginger Rock’ and provides the most wonderful backdrop for any budding photographer.

Heading away from the coast, your next stop is going to be heading up into the mountains to the charming village of Chuifen, which inspired the Oscar winning animation ‘Spirited Away’. Originally a sleepy little village, it found notoriety when gold was located nearby and the town experienced an economy boom, which left behind a wonderful representation of village life under Japanese rule, where lanterns line the streets and shops abound.

Enriched with beautiful views, architecture, teahouses, souvenir shops and tasty local food stalls, Chiufen is an excellent, memorable destination to conclude your day ashore in Taiwan.

Essential information

This tour is conducted by coach and on foot. This tour involves around 2 hours of walking. Chiufen is a hillside town with steep inclines and steps. Vendors will only accept local currency for purchases.

Museum and Panoramic Drive

Activity medium

Duration: 5½ hours

Combine a visit to one of the city’s must-see sights, the National Palace Museum, with a panoramic drive of the city’s other highlights.

The National Palace Museum is modelled on the Forbidden City in Beijing, where many of its artefacts were removed from after the Chinese Civil War. Today, it houses the largest collection of priceless Chinese artefacts and artwork in the world, many of which were possessions of the former Imperial family. The full collection, which consists of some 650,000 pieces, spans many Dynasties, and it’s here that you will have plenty of time to experience this treasure trove of Chinese culture.

After your museum exploration you will have the chance to explore the city on a panoramic drive. You will have a photo stop at the Martyr’s Shrine, an excellent example of Ming Dynasty style imperial architecture. You will also get the opportunity to photograph Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings, and see the distinctive Grand Hotel in the distance.

The former leader, Chiang Kai Shek, was an enormous influence on the country and he is remembered by the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. During your drive you will also have the chance to capture this important monument on camera before returning to the ship.

Essential information

This tour is conducted by coach and on foot. There is approximately 2½ hours’ total walking during this tour, including visits. Photography is not permitted inside the National Palace Museum. Please note that as the museum is a major attraction, it can get very crowded.

Taipei By Night

Activity mediumMeal included

Duration: 5¾ hours

Feast on a Chinese dinner followed by a cultural show and take a visit to the world-famous Night Market.

Begin your evening by indulging in a sumptuous Chinese dinner served at a local restaurant in Taipei.

Afterwards, you’ll head to the Taipei Eye, one of Taiwan’s finest stage-performance venues and home to Chinese Performing Arts. Sit back and relax, while you are treated to a spectacular cultural show, that is rich in visual, sound, touch, smell and even taste experiences. The eye-opening performance includes folklore, local skills such as aboriginal dance and music or traditional Chinese Opera. A backstage tour will also give you the opportunity to see how the performers prepare their make-up and costumes.

Night Markets are a fixture in Taiwan and Taipei doesn’t disappoint. Stroll through the bustling market with your guide and see just why local people in Taipei love to shop and eat here at night. The market opens in the early evening and is renowned for street vendors selling a variety of authentic Taiwanese snacks. Some free time will be given for you to explore the market on your own.

Essential information

Essential information: There is approximately 1¾ hours of walking on this tour, over paved ground. The Chinese dinner will be a set menu of approximately 8 courses and will be served with Chinese tea. The journey time to Taipei is approximately 1 hour.

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