Dubai, Arabian Gulf, Malta and Croatia

Dubai, Arabian Gulf, Malta and Croatia

21 Mar - 11 Apr 2019 | 21 NIGHTS | 9 PORTS | Oceana (E908B)


Dubai, Arabian Gulf, Malta and Croatia, 21 Mar - 11 Apr 2019, 21 NIGHTS, 9 PORTS

Set sail for adventure in Dubai, the Arabian Gulf and the Med


A fascinating journey to discover the ancient (and ultra-modern) cultures of the Arabian Gulf, and the ever-bewitching cities of the eastern Mediterranean. Just for good measure, on the way, enjoy two of the world’s greatest cruising highlights – the 110-mile Suez transit, and the glorious sea approach to Dubrovnik.


Fly to join Oceana in Dubai, where an overnight stay gives extra time to be wowed by its amazing architecture, stylish shopping malls and traditional souks. Sail on to discover the wonder of Abu Dhabi, awash with futuristic skyscrapers and more shopping opps – though you can still find reminders this was once a peaceful fishing village. Then, to the spectacular Sultanate of Oman, legendary home of the Queen of Sheba, Sinbad, and the age-old frankincense trade.


Stay on deck for the Suez transit, one of the world’s most fascinating maritime experiences. You’re en route to elegant Valletta, described by UNESCO as 'one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world'. Then to Dubrovnik. Sailing into this ancient walled city is another of the world’s great cruising experiences. Hvar comes next, its houses clinging to the hillside rising from the pretty harbour. In Venice, glide her labyrinthine waterways on a gondola, or explore her exquisite hidden squares and lanes. Croatia’s second city, Split, shimmers white against an azure sea, its maze of courtyards filled with Roman fortresses, and an Emperor’s palace.


Your cruise ends as you sail back to Valletta to fly home.


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