23 Nov - 26 Nov 2018 | 3 NIGHTS | 1 PORT | Ventura (N834)


Belgium, 23 Nov - 26 Nov 2018, 3 NIGHTS, 1 PORT

The Bruges short break that really packs it all in

This is a cruise that’s just as much about enjoying your time on board as it is savouring each moment ashore. Head across the Channel to Zeebrugge, the cruise port for beautiful Bruges. Synonymous with delicious, velvety Belgian chocolate, Bruges is a cocoa lover’s delight. It’s also known for its picturesque criss-crossing canals, intricate lacework and cheerful bars, serving world-renowned Belgian beers. For first timers, this cruise is a brilliant way to discover all the joy of a holiday at sea. While, for seasoned sea dogs, it’s a great way to sample the delights of a different ship.

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