Ravenna, Italy

But for a more celestial experience, head inside Ravenna's 1,500-year-old basilicas and mausoleums to admire the exceptional byzantine mosaics glittering overhead and beneath your feet. Like hidden treasure twinkling gold and sapphire, the tiled domes and floors reflect the historical, political and religious events in Ravenna - from the seat of the Western Roman Empire in 402 AD, through to the fifth and sixth centuries. Shimmering between the precious marble and stuccos, you'll be struck by the sheer craftsmanship and time required to complete such ambitious patterns and scenes. The author Dante, who spent his last years in Ravenna, once described this clever artwork as a 'symphony of colour'. Visit his resting place less than a kilometre from the Basilica, before strolling to Piazza del Popolo for a freshly-brewed espresso.