Meetings of Two Nations

  • Port

    Sept-Iles, Canada

  • Activity Level


  • Activity Type

    Excursion Types

  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Cost From


    GBP47.0 Per Person

  • Minimum Age


  • Duration

    Approximately 3.00 hours.

  • Meals Included


Learn about the Innu people, one of the most populous aboriginal nations in Québec, and how they lived as hunter and trapper nomads before the Europeans arrived on the continent. At the Shaputuan Museum, follow the Innu through the seasons. Visit the Vieux-Poste (Old Trading Post), which was occupied successively by the French and English and was the first European establishment in Sept-Îles. Learn how fur, and later salmon from the Moisie River and oil from seals, was traded. Drive through the Sept-Îles Innu community of Uashat to discover and better understand the Innus’ modern lifestyle.