Update on our environmental responsibilities

Each year we take thousands of holidaymakers around the globe, sailing into exciting new destinations and enjoying the thrill of travelling by sea. With 180 years of P&O history, we have a great love and respect for our oceans and we are committed to preserving and protecting them for our guests to continue to enjoy.


This is why sustainability and environmental responsibility are so important to P&O Cruises. Along with our sister brands who operate under the Carnival Corporation umbrella, we are making a concerted effort to enhance our sustainability practices and lead the way in our industry. We have invested greatly in new technology, equipment and training to ensure we are constantly improving. We have made tremendous progress in reducing emissions, fuel consumption, water and energy usage, and many other areas.

As Britain’s favourite cruise line, we are committed to doing more and moving faster with our plans. Over the next few months, you may notice changes to some of our practices as we work to reduce single use plastics and eliminate other items which are difficult to recycle or separate from food waste. We are doing this to lessen our environmental footprint. It's not about reducing costs, and in fact these changes will likely increase both our costs and the manpower required to deliver them

To give you an idea of what some of these changes may look like, below are some that we have already put in place or are in progress:

  • We have already replaced single use plastic items like cotton buds, straws, stirrers and Sail Away flags with more sustainable alternatives or reduced their use to ‘on request’ only. Our straws, for instance, are now plastic-free and made from a natural corn starch which is compostable.
  • We have completely removed the use of balloons.
  • We will remove the majority of single serve sachets and containers this year, for example sauce sachets, margarine and foil-wrapped butter, jam and other condiments, and yoghurt pots. They will be replaced with refillable dispensers or serving dishes.
  • We are also developing plans to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste created by the toiletries provided to each cabin, replace non-sustainable grab-and-go packaging found in our deck grills and to reduce our reliance on plastic water bottles.
  • Working closely with our suppliers, we are also striving to reduce food and beverage packaging and replace it with recyclable or biodegradable alternatives.


We hope that you will embrace these changes and please understand that they may limit our crew’s responses to certain requests. We all know how important it is that we do our bit to protect our planet. We are committed to improving our sustainability and environmental practices to protect and preserve our oceans, and to ensure our guests will be able to enjoy a P&O Cruises holiday for years to come.