Responsible sourcing

The source of our supplies directly affects our communities and the environment, it is vital that we understand their providence and invest in sustainable development. Our BSI ISO 14001certification requires sustainable resourcing, climate change mitigation and life-cycle management from production to disposal.

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct coupled with the Ethics and Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire provide a framework to ensure suppliers meet our expectations of ethics, compliance and sustainability. We work closely with them to implement eco-friendly initiatives such as the use of recycled materials and the minimisation of packaging, as well as the provision of responsible guest activities such as excursions.

With comprehensive training, our staff understand our expected standard of behaviour as well as our dedication to transparency and disclosure. Our risk assessments and audits also help us focus our resources on any identified compliance risks.

To protect the ecosystems and economies of the communities we visit, we’ve successfully reduced our carbon footprint by 24.8% since 2005. An additional 4% of our water is now  created from desalinated sea water. We utilise our ships’ fresh water holding capabilities so we can adapt our water sourcing patterns for the remainder and only bunker water from where it is abundant.

Furthermore all of our crew and shoreside staff receive environmental awareness, ethics and diversity training. Suppliers are also required to sign up to our Business Partner Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.