Canary Islands

Canary Islands

09 Dec - 21 Dec 2018 | 12 NIGHTS | 5 PORTS | Oriana (X822)


Canary Islands, 09 Dec - 21 Dec 2018, 12 NIGHTS, 5 PORTS

Escape the pre-Christmas frenzy in the charming Canaries

Enjoy a relaxing 12 night cruise to the Canary Islands. Your first call is Madeira, sparkling like an emerald in the deep blue Atlantic. It’s always a riot of colour with its gardens and flower markets. In La Palma, why not explore its Renaissance church and handicraft shops. Next is Tenerife with its verdant interiors, broken by volcanic moonscapes. Fuerteventura’s stark beauty and rugged charm will captivate you. It’s also a perfect spot for water sports enthusiasts. After a final call at Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, with its rich history, colourful culture and superb seafood, it’s time to return to Southampton.

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