Medical equipment

CPAP/BiPAP/nebuliser/oxygen concentrator

We always carry out safety checks on these machines prior to sailing. Once you're on board, let Reception know. They will arrange for an Electrical officer to check that your equipment is safe to use with the on-boardelectrical supply.

If you are taking a CPAP/BiPAP machine on board, please bring your own distilled water. This is not available on board any of our ships.

Should you require the use of your CPAP/BiPAP/nebuliser/oxygenconcentrator during your flight, please call us on 0345 355 5111 (local call charges apply) no later than 14 days prior to departure.

Oxygen cylinders

You need to bring enough oxygen to last for the duration of your cruise. The ship's Medical Centre cannot refill or supply oxygen cylinders.

For safety reasons, only one cylinder can be kept in your cabin. If you bring more than one cylinder, we'll store them for you in a secure area. When you need the next one, let the cabin steward know and we'll fetch it for you. Please note - the NHS and NHS contracted oxygen companies no longer provide oxygen supplies for cruise travel.

Hiring oxygen concentrators, gaseous or liquid oxygen systems

If you wish to hire an oxygen concentrator, gaseous or liquid oxygen system for your time on board, our approved vendor will be able to assist you.

Contact: Mr Bill Quantrill, Omega Advanced Aeromedical, Tel: +44 (0) 1273 308176 Fax: +44 (0) 1273 307397 email

Liquid oxygen may only be taken on board if arranged through ourapproved vendor.

Electrical feeding pump

Please ensure you bring enough medication/liquid feeds to last the duration of your cruise. We're happy to provide extra refrigerated storage if you need it. Let us know before you sail by emailing:

Tell us the number and size of the boxes you need to store and we'll make the arrangements.

Also, please read the 'Electrical medical equipment and electrical supply' section  to ensure your machine is safe to use on board.

Peritoneal dialysis

You must provide all your own dialysis equipment and treatment. The medical team on board P&O Cruises ships are not trained to provide peritoneal dialysis.

We always carry out safety checks on these machines prior to sailing. Once you're on board, let Reception know. They'll arrange for an Electrical officer to check that your equipment is safe to use with the on-board electrical supply. Also, please read the 'Electrical medical equipment and electrical supply' section.

It is your responsibility to arrange delivery of your supplies to the docks prior to departure. Should supplies not have arrived before departure, regrettably you will not be able to sail, as the ship does not carry dialysis fluids or equipment. Please note - we are unable to accommodate guests who require haemodialysis.

Arranging delivery of liquid feeds and dialysis fluid

Embarking at Southampton - please arrange for the company supplying your feeds/fluids to call Lynn Fox in our Operations Department on telephone number +44 (0)23 8065 5658 for assistance with delivery arrangements and to confirm the delivery address for all guests joining in Southampton.

For all other embarkation ports - please email for Port Agent details. Failure to do so may result in your delivery being refused or delayed. Deliveries must be marked with your name, booking reference, cabin number, ship name, cruise number and date of travel.

If you're flying as part of your cruise, please call our Contact Centre on 0345 355 5111 (local call charges apply). We'll confirm any airline guidelines and restrictions for carriage of liquid feeds and dialysis fluid.

Electrical supply for equipment

The electrical supply on board our ships differs from standard UK electric supply.

Standard electric supply in UK 50 Hz / 240 V

  • Aurora/Oriana 60 Hz / 220 V
  • Arcadia/Oceana 60 Hz / 220 V / 110 V
  • Azura /Ventura 60 Hz / 230 V / 115 V
  • Britannia 60 Hz / 230 V / 120 V


It's important you contact the manufacturer/supplier of your equipment to make sure that your equipment is safe to use at 60 Hz and to ensure that your 50 Hz machine will not be damaged or its performance affected.

Please bring your own extension lead with you. We can't supply one if you forget. We check your electrical devices prior to sailing.

This applies to:

  • CPAP/BiPAP machines
  • Nebulisers/oxygen concentrators
  • Peritoneal dialysis machines and
  • Electrical feeding pumps.

Medical waste disposal

If needed, we can put a sharps container in your cabin. You can also get one from your cabin steward for the safe disposal of your medical waste whilst on board.

Please make sure that all medical waste is appropriately wrapped and placed in the bin in your cabin bathroom. If you need red bags, please talk to your cabin steward who will be available throughout your cruise. Soluble pouches must not be flushed into the plumbing systems on board our ships.

There is a fridge in every cabin which can be used to store medical supplies.