Norway & Iceland Cruise Holidays

Explore the world's most dramatic scenery
Holidays to Norway and Iceland take you to the heart of Mother Nature. To a world of vivid landscapes, punctuated by deep fjords, soaring peaks and cascading waterfalls. And the best way to unlock these treasures? Through a cruise. Picture yourself gliding through still waters with sheer rock faces just metres from your balcony, the scent of verdant flower meadows rich in the air. You can wave to the locals working on mountain-side farms, drink in the surrounding scenery with a coffee on deck and watch as spellbinding cities emerge on the horizon.

Norway & Iceland Cruise Holiday Highlights

For dramatic landscapes and an abundance of natural wonders, it’s hard to beat the fjords of Norway and Iceland. Some destinations simply have it all. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or an experienced explorer, it’s hard to go wrong with iconic Norway and Iceland cruise that offer beauty, peace and fun in equal measure. There are plenty of shore excursions that will provide you with the opportunity to see the fjords from a different perspective, including in Ålesund, where you can explore them from up close by kayak. For something a little warmer, hot springs are just the ticket. Reykjavik’s Blue Lagoon is perhaps the most famous example, and for good reason: the water sits at a steamy 37-40°C and is rich in silica, minerals and algae that are believed to have wellbeing qualities.   

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Reasons to visit Norway & Iceland on a cruise holiday

The Norwegian Fjords

Norway is home to more than 1,000 fjords, including two of the three longest in the world. As one of the planet’s most spectacular unspoilt natural wonders, it is often said that the best way to experience the Norwegian fjords is to sailthem. We, of course, You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of glacial valleys, mountains and picturesque fishing villages as you sail through pure Nordic waters, as well as the chance to visit historic and beautiful Norwegian towns and cities along the way.

Shore Experiences

For inspiring panoramic views, hike up one of the mountains (there are actually many more than seven) that surround Bergen, or take the funicular railway to the top of Mount Floyen, which overlooks both the city and the surrounding regionon the Bergen by Foot and Funicular shore excursion. We’ve got several shore excursions that’ll put your head in the clouds. A flightseeing tourin Akureyri, meanwhile, will take you past the impressive odafoss waterfall and Lake Myvatn, a beautiful lake surrounded by lava rocks.

Northern Lights

Few sights on this earth are more breathtaking than the Northern Lights. The natural phenomenon is typically visible from September to April, illuminating the night sky with vibrant, dancing colour. We offer a number of cruises that travelto ports such as Tromsø, Alta, Åndalsnes and Stavanger in search of the aurora borealis, and also offer shore excursions to give you the best possible chance of catching this awe-inspiring show.

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Discover the Norwegian Fjords

One of the most spectacular regions of the world, the best way to appreciate the scenery of the Norwegian Fjords is to sail through them.

Explore ashore and search for the Northern Lights

Take a look at some examples of our curated shore experiences, offering you the chance to try something new, connect with local culture and discover a different side to Norway & Iceland.

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