The time away that you deserve on a long duration cruise holiday

A longer cruise holiday is the perfect way to unwind and broaden your horizons.

With so many amazing destinations to explore and so much to enjoy on board our ships, sometimes our guests need a little – or a lot – more time to experience everything on their wish list. That’s why we offer a variety of longer holidays that extend from a few weeks to a few months away, so you can really unwind and get under the skin of whichever region you want to discover.

Our Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys, ranging from 40 to 59 nights (6 to 9 weeks), are perfect if you want to go Down Under to Australasia and see Asian highlights, while a Grand Tour gives you the chance to see various regions in the Americas and the Caribbean during 65 nights (10 weeks) away. Fancy heading to the USA and Canada? You can visit iconic cities, punctuated with calls at sleepy seaside towns and tranquil national parks, when you cruise to the east coast of North America for a holiday of 24 – 40 nights (3 to 6 weeks). 

Prefer to stay a little closer to home? How about a long and leisurely sailing of up to 27 nights around the Mediterranean (shorter holidays are available too, from 7 nights), where you can make the most of stunning cities and golden beaches? Or for an adventure with Mother Nature, you could cruise north to the remote and breathtaking wilds of Norway and Iceland for up to 21 nights (holidays from 7 nights long are also available to this region).

With a long cruise holiday, you can explore the part of the globe that excites you the most, or even discover it all on a 99-night (14 week) World Cruise.


For spectacular islands, paradise beaches and colourful culture, it’s hard to beat the Caribbean, where you can enjoy long holidays ranging from 17 – 40 nights, as well as shorter breaks from 7 nights long.

Grand Tours

Our Grand Tours give you the opportunity for some truly unforgettable travel experiences.

Make 'one day' tomorrow

You’ve always dreamed of doing, seeing, hearing or tasting it; that iconic experience which you’ve longed promised yourself you’ll get round to “one day”.  

Maybe you picture yourself gazing up at Rio’s majestic Christ the Redeemer or New York’s Statue of Liberty? Perhaps you’d like to look down at a futuristic city surrounded by stark desert from the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai? You might love to behold the Incan wonder of Machu Picchu in Peru, take an evening cruise on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour and be dazzled by the neon skyline, or climb to the top of the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Can’t decide what you want to do most? No problem, because the amazing thing about a long cruise is that you can tick off several of your bucket list experiences in one holiday and discover so much more in between. So, stop dreaming and let’s make it happen.


Explore ashore our favourite World Cruise ports

Take a look at some examples of our curated shore experiences, offering you the chance to try something new and connect with local culture during your World Cruise.

Uncover hidden gems

Sometimes the little unexpected moments last as long in the memory as the iconic ones. It could be a lesser-known destination or a cultural experience that captures your heart, you might spot a rare animal in the wild, or perhaps you’ll try a local delicacy you’d never heard of before that becomes your new favourite dish.

As well as visiting capital cities and famous islands, longer cruise holidays often take you to the hidden gems too. If you head to the Mediterranean, you could admire the world-renowned sights in Lisbon or Dubrovnik one day, then soak up the delights of pretty Ceuta on the Moroccan coast, or Trieste with its sandy beaches and neoclassical architecture, on another. In Iceland, you could delve into the chic city of Reykjavik then, from Akureyri, go for a gentle trek on horseback in the serene countryside. Who knows? One of the least famous destinations on your itinerary might prove to be your holiday highlight. 

World Cruise Holidays

This is more than a holiday. This is the ultimate travel experience. Your chance to explore the farthest reaches, unique cultures and world wonders you've always dreamed of...

Southern Hemisphere Journeys

Our Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys give you the choice to fly directly to, or home from, Australasia and enjoy a leisurely exploration in the other direction on a month (or more!) long cruise.

Enjoy more time to relax

Longer cruise holidays often include more sea days as you sail between far-flung destinations, and the great news is this gives you more opportunities to unwind and enjoy all your ship has to offer.

Those sea days will fly by as there are so many different things to do. If you’d like to learn about something new, you might take part in a photography seminar or listen to an art talk. You could get active at a dance or fitness classes, join in a yoga session, work out in the gym, or hit the treadmill (or running track if your ship has one) to jog a few miles while gazing out at endless sea views.

If that sounds a little strenuous, you might prefer to spoil yourself with a spa treatment or simply laze by the pool and catch some rays with a cocktail in hand. Or, if you’re keen to get to the end of that new bestseller, you could find a cosy corner and a comfy chair to settle into. And don’t forget, there’s a host of entertainment to dive in to, including cinema screenings, live music and comedy, spectacular stage shows, casino gaming, quizzes, sports, deck games and so much more.


So, the only question is: where will you explore?