First time cruiser? Let us introduce you to holidays of a lifetime

If you’ve not been on a cruise holiday before, you’re in for a treat. It’s got everything you love in a holiday – multiple destinations, drool-worthy food, cocktails by the pool – plus, the benefits of a luxury cruise ship. As a first time cruiser, you might have questions but luckily, as Britain’s favourite cruise line, we know a thing or two about it…

Multiple breathtaking destinations in one trip

As well as world-class cities, mountain towns and dreamy islands, we’ll take you to the unmissable cruise destinations – those unique gems best experienced by sea. Even better, most of the travel happens while you sleep so you wake with a new destination waiting to be explored.

Freedom to do it your way

At P&O Cruises, we’re all about holidays your way. From varied itineraries to a range of experiences on board, ships exclusively for adults to those set up for families, days packed to the rafters or simply spent by the pool – however you like to holiday, you’re free to blaze your own trail.

Experience local culture

With full days in most destinations plus selected evening and overnight stays, you’ve plenty of time to delve into each stop. You can explore independently or pick a shore experience – we work with local experts to bring you the very best of each destination, as well as some of their secrets…

What's included?

A cruise holiday with us offers remarkable value. Chic accommodation with the usual amenities (plus we can almost guarantee those sought-after sea views!), exceptional full board dining, dedicated personal service, theatre shows, live music, hi-tech gyms and sports facilities, children’s clubs, and tips – it’s all included in the price of your holiday.


Travel the world, unpack once

With us, your well-deserved break begins as soon as you step on board, meaning you've more time to enjoy that unbeatable holiday feeling.


Everything you could need or want is at your very own doorstep. And better yet, it all travels with you as you explore!


Let us take care of the hassle of getting from A to B; you just get on with having an unforgettable holiday.

Where in the world would you like to go?

Sailing north, south, east and west, we’ve got the world covered. Whether you want to explore alluring doorstep destinations or further afield, we’ll take you there.

A sneak peek into some of the amazing destinations we visit...

Let’s get your first cruise holiday in the diary

Here we’ll unpack some of those questions you might have…

Jargon buster: Cruise language explained

Here's a guide to some of the lingo you'll encounter on a cruise holiday.

What is on-board spending money?

Find out everything you need to know, from how to make purchases on board to all the incredible things you can treat yourself with.

The best ships for first time cruisers

See the world in widescreen with Arvia and Iona

With a fleet of seven fabulous ships, it can be hard to know where to start. For your first cruise, we’d recommend Arvia or Iona. They’re packed full of P&O Cruises favourites as well as fleet-firsts like infinity pools, a swim-up bar, minigolf, aerial shows, an escape room, more than 30 bars and restaurants…

Our ships offer something for everyone

With seven fabulous ships to choose from, you're spoiled for choice. Maybe you'll go for our flagship Britannia with its contemporary glamour and signature atrium? Or our all-rounder ship, Ventura – perfect for providing fun for all the family. Whichever you pick, our ships make the journey just as exciting as the destination.

Articles: must-reads for a first time cruiser

What is there to do on a cruise?

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you’re in for a treat. With round-the-clock entertainment, a vast range of mouth-watering menus, relaxing pools and wellness facilities to experience on one of our holidays… you’ll be spoilt for choice every single day.

How do you pick a cruise for the first time?

With so many variables when it comes to itineraries and ships, it can all be a bit overwhelming when picking your first cruise holiday. Sailing around the sun-soaked Caribbean or sightseeing on a city break? Not sure where to start? To help find the right cruise for you, we’ve listed the main factors to consider.

Top three tips for first time cruisers

We’ve gone to the experts (our past guests!) to find out their top advice for anyone who’s yet to try a cruise holiday. We’ve rounded up the top three tips we think will come in handy for your first ever cruise.


A cruise holiday is an experience


You know holidays. You love holidays. But have you ever holidayed at sea? A cruise combines your favourite holiday things – the destinations, getting under the skin of a new culture – with the excitement of a luxury cruise ship to explore.


You’ve got spas, bars, boutiques, theatres, world-class dining, pools and more. All waiting to be explored en route to your next destination. Holidays just went up a level.


Top five FAQs for first time cruisers


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