Our Sustainability Journey

At P&O Cruises we are taking action to protect the environment and invest in our communities and people to deliver positive impact – not just for today, but for the long term. Our sustainability agenda supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is made up of several important priorities...

Protecting the environment

We are invested in looking after our planet and addressing climate change is one of our top priorities. We invest significantly in new technologies and fleet improvements to minimise the impact of our air emissions.

  • We are committed to the reduction and responsible management of waste and preserving the value of natural resources to ensure our guests can continue to cruise in even cleaner, more efficient and sustainable ways.
  • We are committed to a pathway to decarbonisation which involves significant investment in carbon efficient technologies, energy efficiency activity and emission reduction initiatives.
  • We’re proud to have launched the first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered ship for the British market – Iona – and have the second – Arvia – arriving in 2022. This major development supports our environmental goals by significantly reducing emissions including carbon, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.
  • We’re improving the quality of our air emissions by installing Advanced Air Quality Systems across the fleet. These systems remove sulfur compounds and particulate matter from our ships’ engine exhaust.
  • We are committed to the reduction and elimination of non-essential single use plastics, switching to more sustainable alternatives wherever possible.
  • We continue to evaluate technologies and operational changes to minimise the volume of food waste and we support our crew to efficiently manage and control it.


Partnering with our destinations and communities

We continually strive to promote sustainable tourism by contributing to our communities in a positive social, environmental and economic way, working in conjunction with local governments, trade associations, tourism organisations, and other community stakeholders. We also recognise our responsibility to preserve and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity of the oceans and destinations we visit.

  • We are working with our suppliers to increase the sustainability of our seafood sourcing and our policy is to never source seafood that is rated as high impact, threatened or endangered.
  • We’re installing our ships with the technology needed to connect to shore power where facilities are available, which allows us to connect to the local grid and switch off our engines, thereby reducing our emissions when in port.
  • Recognising water as one of the most valuable natural resources, we have increased the amount of water we produce on board from the ocean and have installed water-saving technology across our fleet.
  • Our supply chain partners are required to comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct which details our expectation for ethics and integrity. We also publish a Modern Slavery Act Statement which confirms our commitment to human rights and outlines our efforts to combat modern slavery.


Investing in people

Health, wellness and diversity are core to our sustainability agenda. We are committed to a just corporate culture, based on inclusion and the power of diversity, operating with integrity, trust and respect for each other at all times.

  • We continue to significantly invest in our commitment to protect the health, safety, well-being and security of our guests, employees and all others working on our behalf.
  • We recognise the value and importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and continue to build a positive work environment and opportunities for rewarding careers.

At P&O Cruises, sustainability is one of our top priorities and is a key part of our future. We’ve taken some important and impactful steps, but we are on a journey and our sustainability commitments do not stop here.

We are continuing to find new ways to leave a positive impact on the world we love.

2030 & 2050 - Our Goals and Aspirations

This year, with our parent company Carnival Corporation & PLC, we are introducing our sustainability focus areas. These six areas are where we are focusing our sustainability efforts in support of our 2030 goals and 2050 aspirations. In each Focus Area, we have identified goals, targets and aspirations that will guide our actions to further strengthen our sustainability performance. As time passes, we may revise or augment our 2030 goals and 2050 aspirations by introducing additional ones, as we continue to grow in our journey to be sustainable from ship to shore.


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We are committed to a positive and just corporate culture, based on inclusion and the power of diversity. We operate with integrity, trust and respect for each other -- communicating, coordinating and collaborating while seeking candour, openness and transparency at all times. And we aspire to be an exemplary corporate citizen leaving the people and the places we touch even better.