Golden Tide

Travel the seas with a golden rum that brings together the Caribbean and the British Isles as one.

A sun-drenched island rum

Created exclusively for P&O Cruises in partnership with The Tidal Rum, Golden Tide is an invitation to savour the essence of a golden-aged spiced rum, infused with coastal botanicals foraged from sea and shore.

This unique blend will be distilled on board Arvia while she sails in the Caribbean, and the recipe will be recreated on the mainland by The Tidal Rum.

On-board rum experiences

Rum tasting class

Savour a variety of fine rums at this special tasting as our on-board rum expert explains the story behind each one. Try our very own Golden Tide rum, and other carefully selected favourites including The Tidal Rum, in a unique experience at Anderson’s Bar on board Arvia – home of Aurelia, the first rum still at sea. Garnishes and mixers will be served to perfectly complement each rum and you’ll receive an accompanying guide that leads you through this one-of-a-kind tasting journey. * Charges apply.

Rum blending class

If you’ve ever fancied blending your own rum, here’s your chance to give it a try at Anderson’s Bar on board Arvia where you’ll find Aurelia, the first rum still at sea. During this hands-on experience, our rum expert will show you how to use a variety of blends and infusions to create your own delicious spirit with flavours from the Caribbean and British coasts and beyond. Even better, you’ll take your bottle of rum away as the ultimate golden memory. *Charges apply.

Arvia’s very own still

Introducing Aurelia

Guests will be free to visit Anderson’s Bar on board Arvia to watch through the ceiling-to-floor windows as batches of Golden Tide are distilled in Aurelia during Caribbean holidays. The finished spirit can then be enjoyed neat or in cocktails at the bars on board.

Rum exclusively distilled on board will also be sold in Arvia’s shops in bottles with a unique gold label, marked with the individual batch number.

Take home that holiday taste

Keen to take away that holiday taste and sip a little sunshine at home? Golden Tide will be available to buy in Arvia’s on-board shops.

Bottles with the special gold label are filled with Golden Tide rum distilled in the ship’s still, Aurelia. Bottles with a blue label contain Golden Tide rum distilled on the mainland by The Tidal Rum.

Who are The Tidal Rum?

Get to know our rum partner

Award-winning The Tidal Rum’s story begins by the sea, where the Shorts Boy Distillery founders Harry Coulthard and Ben Clyde-Smith grew up.

Based on the island of Jersey, the sea has always been the soul of The Tidal Rum, from inspiration to taste. And the sea’s tides feed into everything they do, from their rum-making process and respecting the world’s oceans.