P&O Cruises exciting collaboration with The Tidal Rum

We are partnering with award-winning The Tidal Rum to create an island-inspired rum for Arvia’s Caribbean adventures. Our unique blend will celebrate the sea and capture that sense of adventure and heart-skipping excitement that a holiday on Arvia brings. Infused with the finest rums of the Caribbean and coastal botanicals foraged at low tides, are you ready for an experience that will take you to the high seas of deliciousness?

Introducing The Tidal Rum

The Tidal Rum truly is an island hopper, getting its rich golden smoothness from a careful blend of cask-aged rums from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, and then infused with a unique savoury truffle flavour from pepper dulse, foraged from Jersey’s shores. With one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, the Jersey coastline opens up an underwater rainforest at full lunar tides, where a vast range of sea botanicals can be carefully sourced.

The spirit of the sea!

The first rum distillery at sea

Our rum’s maiden production run will take place in Arvia’s custom-made still in Anderson’s Bar, ready for you to enjoy neat or mix up in an array of expertly crafted cocktails. So, why not join us and be one of the first to enjoy our delicious one-of-a-kind rum? Following this launch, The Tidal Rum will recreate the recipe and bottle on the mainland, ready to share and serve across our ships. What better way to cool down in the Caribbean heat or to give as souvenirs to impress the folks back home?

Celebrate your holiday with a rum-tastic recipe

Why not take your tastebuds on the ultimate journey? Our unique rum blend will bring together the finest rums of the Caribbean and infuse them with the fresh, marine notes of coastal botanicals gathered from the shores of Britain’s islands. Whether you’re savouring your first sip on board as you gaze out at a stunning horizon of sun-drenched islands or making lifelong memories with those closest to you, our rum has all the ingredients of an unforgettable holiday.

The Tidal Rum

The Tidal Rum are award-winning pioneers of British coastal rum. The innovative Jersey-based rum brand is at the forefront of the rum revolution, on a mission to make rum the first drink of the night, not the last. The sea and shore have always been the soul of The Tidal Rum, from inspiration to taste. And the sea’s tides feed into everything they do, from their rum-making process and respecting the world’s oceans.

Distilled onboard Arvia

With a shared passion for the sea environment and commitment to sustainability, we’re over the moon to be collaborating with The Tidal Rum to bring an exclusive ocean-inspired rum recipe to life for Arvia’s Caribbean holidays. Our unique blend will celebrate the sea and capture this tropical region’s sundrenched holiday spirit.