Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have long been priorities at Carnival Corporation & plc with our over 120,000 passionate employees representing more than 100 countries. As CEO since July 2013, Arnold Donald has been a strong champion of engineering "diversity of thinking" across the group, fostering innovation through all forms of diversity, including gender, ethnicity, background, upbringing, education, geographic origin and experience. During his five year tenure, numerous dynamic leaders from diverse backgrounds have been appointed to leadership roles as presidents of the group's cruise line brands and in key roles within global port and destination development, human resources, marketing, sales, operations and procurement, while continuing to promote diversity and inclusion.

We believe such diversity must be led from the top and 4 of the Group’s 10 brands are now led by women.  However, we recognise that this is only a beginning and we aspire to deepening this commitment to fostering a diverse workplace.

Taking diversity more broadly, the group has been recognized for its LGBT employment practices, scoring a perfect 100 on the Human Right Campaigns’ (a leading global non-profit organization working to advance diversity, inclusion and gender equality at work) corporate equality index.

"We are very proud of the diversity of our workforce and we believe strongly that diversity of thinking helps drive innovation," Donald said. "We have seen time and time again that leveraging the knowledge and creativity of our collective backgrounds, experiences and perspectives produces smarter and more innovative solutions to our overall business and especially to our top priority of consistently exceeding our guests' expectations."

"We commend Arnold Donald along with the other Catalyst Champion CEOs who represent a passionate group of change agents," said Deborah Gillis, former President and CEO, Catalyst. "They are already leaders and champions of gender equality and inclusion. Now they are taking bold action, holding themselves publicly accountable for doing the right thing and inspiring all of us to do more."

Together with Catalyst and other global companies, Carnival Corporation has pledged to accelerate progress in the representation of women, including women from different ethnic backgrounds, in executive/senior level positions and on the company's board of directors (or equivalent).

Within the UK, we are required to report our gender pay gap data. Please see below to view our latest diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) reports for Carnival UK – these include information on our gender pay gap as well as how we’re championing DEI for all of our fleet and shoreside colleagues. You can also find links to our previous gender pay gap reports below.