Bringing breathtaking new entertainment to Iona

Eyes widen. Gasps sound. Attention is rapt. This is the power of Creativiva. Their explosive shows bring jaw-dropping tricks, impressive stunts and a world of colour and magic. And they’ve brought this all to Iona.

We’ve partnered with international entertainment company Creativiva to offer something completely different for Iona, with bespoke, original shows designed specifically for SkyDome and the Grand Atrium.

You’ll find yourself transported to another world; filled with acrobatics, aerial acts, physical theatre, dance, music… not to mention flamboyant costumes, impressive sets and much, much more.

Exclusive shows

These never-before-seen productions are sure to be one of the experiences that make your P&O Cruises holiday.

Triboo (SkyDome)

Enter the Arena of Time, where two ancient tribes – the Sun and the Moon – clash. Who will be the fastest, go the highest, be the most daring? And which side will you be on? Choose your place in SkyDome and watch two tribes battle it out with aerial stunts, balancing acts and more.

Dream (Grand Atrium)

The baggage is piling up. Our officers have work to do. But we all know how easy it can be to slip into a daydream… And this isn’t just any dream. As our officers get to work, the contents of a suitcase holds the power to turn our officer’s daydream into reality. A humble music box brings a ballerina to life, a toy rocket awakens the Lady of Light and our officer is tempted to leave reality behind.

Rise (SkyDome)

Have you ever set foot inside a sleeping aviary? Where feathers rustle and soft hoots emit from dark corners. And every shade of the rainbow sits perched up above, casting a watchful eye as you enter their sphere... Step into SkyDome and you’ve entered the aviary. Where our colourful cast of birds soar through the sky, twisting and turning and then a mysterious egg begins to crack…

Virtuosi (Grand Atrium)

Virtuosi is a crazy celebration of the world of Commedia dell’Arte, providing a snap portrait of the fabulous First Family of Theatre. Mama Teatro attempts to entertain her adoring public, while her mischievous children run riot and her much put-upon manservant Harlequin attempts to rein them in. Finally they gather under the glittering chandelier, creating the perfect family portrait.

Spark (SkyDome)

Deeper and deeper into the heart of the Universe sails the NEXUS, mankind’s ultimate starship. Crewed by the last survivors of a dying Earth, bio-engineered to withstand the rigours of space travel, it seeks new worlds for mankind to inhabit. Until a gamma storm rocks the ship. The star pilot is wounded, the star-fuelled engine fails. Drawing upon their deepest reserves of courage and skill, will the crew rescue their captain and repair the reactor or be left adrift in the darkness for eternity? SPARK is a reminder of mankind’s ingenuity, perseverance and faith. Where there is life, there is hope –and creativity.

Meet the team behind the shows

Lukas Cabalka - Artistic Director and Founder

Lukas doesn’t do boundaries. He began his dancing career at eight, was touring at 12, rose to choreographer at 19. By 21, Lukas was creating spectacular events for clients in Oman and Mallorca. Even his creativity knows no bounds. From a fashion show in a baroque castle, to openair spectacles in Dubai, to a 60,000-person event for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Lukas’ passion for creative storytelling draws inspiration from every milieu, be it literature, fine arts, music, folklore, opera or graffiti.

How are Creativiva working with us?

A complete first for P&O Cruises, Creativiva created bespoke performances specifically for Iona’s Grand Atrium and SkyDome. Not only did they write brand-new stories but they auditioned a new cast and brought their full creative team to produce our custom-made shows. These premium performances glow with the Creativiva touch – combining incredible acts with amazing costumes, lighting, music, props and more. And all set to the backdrop of Iona’s dazzling venues.

Show venues


SkyDome spans two decks with an impressive pool and retractable stage; perfect for round-the-clock entertainment. By day, it’s a fabulous spot for relaxation and informal dining with its swimming pool, poolside dining and shaded seating areas. By night, it dazzles with live entertainment, vibrant deck parties and a sizzling party atmosphere.

Grand Atrium

Iona’s Grand Atrium spans three decks with glass walls that provide panoramic sea views and let natural light flood in. It’s the beating heart of the ship with its showstopping grand staircase, bars and restaurants. It offers a different experience on each level. From morning coffee to a lunchtime bite, daytime entertainment to evening drinks, a world of choice can be found.