Bringing breathtaking new entertainment to Iona

Eyes will widen. Gasps will sound. Attention will be rapt. This is the power of Creativiva. Their explosive shows bring jaw-dropping acts, impressive artistry and a world of colour and energy. And now, they’re bringing this all to Iona. 

Brand new for P&O Cruises, we’re working with international entertainment company, Creativiva to offer something completely different for Iona. We’ve bespoke Creativiva-original shows coming to SkyDome and the Grand Atrium

You’ll find yourself transported to another world; filled with acrobatics, aerial acts, physical theatre, dance, music… not to mention flamboyant costumes, impressive sets and much, much more. With an exceptional international cast handpicked by Creativiva, these shows have been created exclusively for our venues and are all included in your holiday. Prepare for the wonder to continue long into the night.

Exclusive shows

These never-before-seen productions are sure to be one of the experiences that make your P&O Cruises holiday.

Triboo (SkyDome)

Enter the Arena of Time, where two ancient tribes – the Sun and the Moon – clash. Who will be the fastest, go the highest, be the most daring? And which side will you be on? Choose your place in SkyDome and watch two tribes battle it out with aerial stunts, balancing acts and more.

Dream (Grand Atrium)

The baggage is piling up. Our officers have work to do. But we all know how easy it can be to slip into a daydream… And this isn’t just any dream. As our officers get to work, the contents of a suitcase holds the power to turn our officer’s daydream into reality. A humble music box brings a ballerina to life, a toy rocket awakens the Lady of Light and our officer is tempted to leave reality behind.

Rise (SkyDome)

Have you ever set foot inside a sleeping aviary? Where feathers rustle and soft hoots emit from dark corners. And every shade of the rainbow sits perched up above, casting a watchful eye as you enter their sphere... Step into SkyDome and you’ve entered the magical aviary. Where our colourful cast of birds soar through the sky, twisting and turning and then a mysterious egg begins to crack…

Virtuosi (Grand Atrium)

Are you enchanted by the theatre? The deep red curtains, the glittering chandeliers, the spellbinding performances. Step into the Grand Atrium and prepare to experience all of its riches. Be enthralled by Mother Theatre – the regal grande dame who thrills with her vocal concerto. Be amused by Arlequin, our multi-faced classical clown. And watch as the chandelier twinkles above…

Spark (SkyDome)

In a galaxy of gleaming stars, what happens when one begins to lose power? The Star-keepers must summon the mirrorclad Sparks to try to reignite it. Watch in wonder, as they build kinetic forces through swirling rope acts, blurring hoolahoops, aerial energy and more. But will they summon enough power before the star burns out forever?

Meet the team behind the shows

"These shows are not so much about storytelling, but more about creating a beautiful, fabulous world with the music and the voices and the artists. It’s something you can just look at and you feel good."

Line Tremblay, Director of Creation

"I want the audience to completely forget where they are – to literally feel as though they’re in an aviary, that they have come to the Arena of Time, that they’re in a dream. That’s what I want."

Carlos Navarrete-Patiño, Co-director

"I remember the first time someone did a magic trick to me and made stars in my eyes, and that was something I wanted to create for other people."

Romuald Solesse, acrobat

"When you’re on stage, you’re really in that moment. You live for that moment."

Margreet Nuijten, aerialist

"I hope the audience can connect with all the characters and recognise themselves in their emotions and the dreams that they have."

Mélissa Colello, Co-director

Show venues


SkyDome offers a relaxed, poolside environment by day, with tantalising dining and drinking options. In the evening, the space seamlessly transitions into a must-visit entertainment venue, showcasing spectacular aerialist displays and hosting live performances and DJ party nights under the stars.

Grand Atrium

Meet, dine, relax and be entertained. The Grand Atrium is an incredible space hosting talks and cooking demos by day and enthralling live entertainment by night, from impromptu musical performances to breathtaking aerial shows. Take your seat at one of cafés, bars and restaurants to take in the action, and the ocean views.