Beagle Channel (cruise-by), Chile cruise holidays

The channel owes its name to the British ship the Beagle, upon which Charles Darwin explored the area in the early 1800s. It's a 150 mile channel of water that cuts through South America's Tierra del Fuego archipelago of islands, separating the main island in the north from the collection of small islands in the south. Its mysterious grey waters, into which glaciers leisurely tumble, is presided over by a group of majestic mountains and provides a home to sea lions, the Peale's dolphin and Minke whales. Look to the skies and cliff-faces for spectacular birdlife including the Black-browed albatross, the thick-set Giant petrel, Southern skuas, the South American tern and the primitive looking Cormorant. One thing is for sure, you should wrap up warm and head up on deck for some of the most memorable and magical sights you'll experience on your trip.

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