Dunedin, New Zealand cruise holidays

Renowned for its heritage and exotic wildlife, Dunedin is a destination that manages to bring city and urban life together in perfect harmony. Whilst visiting, you’ll be struck by the dramatic cliffs that surround the city as well as the serene beaches and rare animals like the Royal Albatross or the yellow-eyed penguin – all of which is in close proximity to the city centre. From swimming to shopping, hiking to hunting for the best restaurants, there’s so much to do in this dynamic region. 

Top things to do in Dunedin


Take a trip back in time to 1906 by visiting this spectacular mansion. Teeming with history, you can immerse yourself in Dunedin’s past, that mostly follows the lives of the Theomin family, patrons of the arts who occupied the mansion for over fifty years.

Emerson’s Brewery

Fancy learning more about the brewing process? At Emerson’s Brewery, you can go behind the scenes and see how the perfect pint is made… And more importantly, you get to sample a beer or two along the way.

Larnach Castle

Standing proud on the top of a hill looking out over the peninsula, Larnach Castle is an experience that is sure to please everyone. You can stroll around the mansion at your own pace and become part of its history that dates back to 1871 at the height of the Gothic era. 

What makes Dunedin special?

With a history that can be discovered around every corner, as well as incredible viewpoints all around the city, Dunedin is a place that brings its past and present together in a perfect blend.

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