Narvik, Norway cruise holidays

In the outstandingly beautiful Norwegian Fjords, the town of Narvik is surrounded by a wonderland of gargantuan mountains, glistening waterways, untouched countryside and thriving arctic wildlife. Take the cable car up Fagernesfjellet mountain by day and enjoy the stunning views of the region from 670 metres. Or if the conditions and your itinerary permit, you can ascend at night to observe the spectacular Northern Lights from the same lofty vantage point. 

The sights indoors are also impressive. The Museum Nord is housed in a handsome brick building erected in 1902 and gives insight into the town's brief but intriguing history, while the new War Museum tells the story of Narvik's key role in WWII via interactive exhibits. 

Fancy visiting two countries in one day and seeing amazing sights along the way? The 43km-long Ofoten Railway line from Narvik to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is one of the most spectacular rail journeys in the world. 

Narvik boasts especially clear skies so a visit here will offer a good chance to experience those mesmerising Northern Lights.

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