Santander, Spain cruise holidays

Santander, is located on the northern coast of Spain and enjoys a stunning location nestled on a small peninsular jutting between the waters of the Bay of Santander and the seas of the Bay of Biscay. The area surrounding the city is lined with 11 sandy beaches, which are perfect for sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts alike. The area of El Sardinero in times past was famed as a resort by Spain's richest citizens. Their patronage has resulted in a beautiful area of beaches, divided by the gardens of Piquio, stretching from the Magdalena Peninsula to Mataleas. The area also boasts hotels, cafes and even a casino. Those looking to discover Santander away from the beaches will find a city as historic as it is beautiful. The Cathedral of Santander was built between 13th and 14th centuries on top of proceeding holy buildings and combines Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

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