Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt cruise holidays

Cruising into the modern port of Sharm El Sheikh allows you to see the beautiful views from a unique perspective. Dramatic mountains are seen cresting the horizon providing a stunning contrast to the bobbing yachts and luxury cruisers in the marina.

The history of Sharm El Sheik is chronicled as far back as the Old Testament. Moses is said to have brought the inscribed tablets of the Ten Commandments down from Sharm’s Mount Sinai. St. Catherine’s Monastery was built at the foot of the mountain between 527 and 565 AD and still stands today. It is said to mark the spot of “Moses’ burning bush” and is now a spectacular setting for priceless works of art including Arab mosaics, Greek and Russian icons as well as Western paintings.

Its geographically strategic location led to a transformation from a small fishing village to a major port and naval base for the Egyptian Navy. Since the mid 1980’s tourism has become Sharm El Sheikh’s major industry and it caters for its visitors with unwavering hospitality and warmth.

Great care has been taken to maintain visual harmony in the port area between the unquestionable attractions of the area’s natural beauty. The beaches are gorgeous and are dotted with rush sunshades to give sunbathers protection from the almost continuous sunshine. The climate is dry and pleasantly temperate averaging across the year at around 30°C. The sea is warm, crystal clear and calm for most of the year, making it the perfect place for water sports and swimming.

The Area of Ras Mohammed at the southernmost tip of the peninsular has been designated a natural park serving to protect the area’s landscape, wildlife and awesome coral gardens. It is the first and said to be the best National Park in Egypt, and less than an hour away by car from Sharm. The name comes from a wind-carved cliff face in the area, said to resemble the face of the prophet, Mohammed.

Daytime markets offer authentic colourful handicrafts of the local Bedouin culture. The old market area is a maze of genuine Arab bazaars but be prepared to haggle. It is even expected as there are no fixed prices. Both US dollars and Euros are readily accepted and you can practice your haggling skills when you buy your souvenirs as a memory of your cruise to Sharm el Sheik.

The night life of Sharm El Sheik is sophisticated and varied offering a wide choice of restaurants to suit all tastes. The city caters for an international audience so as well as western dishes you will find Lebanese and Egyptian cuisine and, of course, some fantastic seafood. If you only fancy a tasty snack the “Baba Ghanoush” with “Aish” – a local flat bread – is a favourite. Made from mashed, grilled aubergine and tahini paste (sesame seeds) it has a smoky, piquant and altogether delicious flavour.