Life on board

We do all we can to make it possible for guests to make the most of their holiday. To ensure your safety, we need to establish if you have the mobility required to get around the ship. In this section, we will explain how we assess your mobility and what assistance we can and cannot offer so you know what to expect.

If you cannot independently get to your assembly station (which could be down several flights of stairs if the lifts are not available) due to disability, health or mental capacity, you must pre-register for assistance to ensure we have sufficient crew available, even if you are travelling with a companion who can assist you.

At the time of booking, you will be asked questions to help us understand any additional support you may require. Failure to provide this information could result in you being denied boarding, at your own expense.

If you do require assistance, using the below statements as guidance, you will need to declare this.

  • An evacuation chair – this is a mandatory requirement for anyone who is unable to use the stairs due to mobility or other circumstances, or for anyone bringing a wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • One-to-one assistance – this is a mandatory requirement for anyone who requires someone to guide and steady them on the stairs, due to mobility or other circumstances. For anyone who uses a mobility aid, such as a walking stick or walker, this is the recommended level of assistance.

After notifying us we will register your assistance and you will need to complete a questionnaire on My P&O Cruises. We ask that you complete the questionnaire as soon as possible after booking and no later than two weeks before you sail. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time to be able to contact you should we need to discuss any of the information that has been provided. We regret that failure to do so may result in denied boarding at the terminal.  If you have a medical requirement that does not impact your ability to independently attend your assembly point, please contact This inbox is monitored during office hours from Monday to Friday only.

What to expect on board

Download this fun booklet so your children can keep a log of all the things they see and do on board their P&O Cruises holiday.

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