Mobility aids and equipment

We will do all we can to accommodate your mobility needs while you’re on holiday with us. In this section, you can find information about travelling with a Wheelchair, Mobility Scooter, or Mobility Aid.

If you need to bring a wheelchair, mobility scooter or mobility aid on board with you, it is essential that you let us know at the time of booking or as soon as the need is known. If you need a mobility device or equipment on board, we urge you to please bring your own or hire independently. You must provide in advance the closed dimensions required to fit on an aircraft and/or a suitable cabin on board. Please note that wheelchairs cannot be hired on board our ships.

Please note: if you do not advise us in advance of your holiday that you will be bringing a mobility scooter, you won’t be able to bring your mobility scooter on board. There are no storage facilities available for devices that are denied boarding, so this could also result in a you being denied boarding.

Mobility scooters

Our mobility scooter policy and procedures comply with all applicable ship safety and disability/equality legislation, including the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. We aim to offer our services to all disabled people or people with reduced mobility subject to applicable safety requirements and within the parameters of each ship design, port infrastructure and equipment.


Wheelchair users are advised to occupy an accessible cabin, but if you do not require the facilities of an accessible cabin, or a wet-room-style bathroom, and do not need your wheelchair to move around the cabin, you can occupy a standard cabin. Access to the bathroom in a standard cabin is via a step and there is a raised threshold to enter the shower cubicle. Some bathrooms have a shower over bath. If you occupy a standard cabin, your wheelchair must not exceed a width of 20 inches (50cms), weight 7st (45kgs), with no individual piece to weigh more than 3st (20kgs).

If you are bringing a collapsible wheelchair and are booked into a standard cabin, please ensure the wheelchair does not exceed 50cm when collapsed. This to ensure that wheelchair fits through the cabin door. Many wheelchairs will need to be folded to fit through the cabin door and crew cannot assist with this.

You should also check that your choice of cabin gives you enough space to safely store your mobility aid without obstructing your access in the cabin or evacuation route.

Wheelchairs must be declared at the time of booking, or as soon as the need is known, otherwise your wheelchair will be denied boarding.

Other mobility equipment

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