Marte Marie Forsberg

Born and raised in a small coastal town in the south of Norway, Marte Marie is a writer, photographer and home cook. Her work focuses on provenance, local ingredients, traditional recipes and beautiful presentation. She has been featured in magazines, newspapers and online articles across the world, from Bon Appétit to Food & Wine. She is author of The Cottage Kitchen, a beautiful collection of recipes and photography. She also runs the Marte Marie Forsberg Workshops; cookery classes where her guests learn local and traditional recipes. Marte Marie is bringing her talents to Iona’s main restaurants with Norwegian dishes to feature on various menus, as well as dishes for Taste 360.

“When it comes to Norwegian cuisine, our simplicity sets us apart. Humble foods, fresh flavours, minimal spices – just really good ingredients. Quality of produce is therefore key. The flavour of the natural ingredients speaks for itself and without high quality, our food would be very bland. Working with P&O Cruises, we will use the best local suppliers to ensure this quality on Iona. This is a huge part of my menus; choosing the ingredients that grow with the seasons so that the experience translates from the landscape straight onto the plate. I will bring traditional Norwegian home-cooked meals to the menus of P&O Cruises main restaurants as well as Taste 360, creating the dishes of my ancestors with a modern twist. For example, our ancestors would smoke fish to preserve it but today we warm smoke it over juniper branches to bring out new flavours. Weaving the old with the new.”

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