At Carnival we take the future welfare of our employees seriously and operate a number of pension arrangements. Additionally we consider the appropriate Governance and Compliance of these arrangements to be of paramount importance and look to meet or exceed our legal requirements in this arena. 

Pension law says that trustees of Defined Contribution (DC) pension arrangements are required to share certain information on a publicly accessible website. In relation to one of our pension arrangements, the P&O Princess Cruises Pension Scheme, this relates to the DC Section with Scottish Widows and the Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) under the Defined Benefit (DB) Section of the Scheme with Standard Life.

On this page, you will find links to the Trustee’s latest annual DC governance statement as well as the Trustee’s Statement of Investment Principles (SIP). These are important documents which explain how the Trustee governs the Scheme.​

Click here to view the Annual governance (Chair’s) statement – this statement shows how the Trustee has met the statutory governance standards over the last Scheme Year.

Click here to view the DC Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) – this document sets out the DC investment policy of the Trustee. 

Click here to view the DB Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) – this document sets out the DB investment policy of the Trustee.