Security Guide

By making a booking with P&O Cruises, guests confirm that all people named in a booking are not persons who:

(i) have any unspent conviction for antisocial behaviour, violence, abuse, public disorder, or criminal damage or any other form of antisocial behaviour;
(ii) have a conviction for a sexual offence that is subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003; or
(iii) are subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Notice.

If any guest makes a booking for any person meeting the above criteria, P&O Cruises reserves the right to cancel the booking and, if applicable, require that the guest and all persons named in the booking disembark at the ship’s next port of call. 

P&O Cruises will not be liable for any associated costs of accommodation or repatriation and all such cases will be treated as a cancellation attracting 100% cancellation charges in accordance with clause 38 of P&O Cruises Booking Conditions available at: Booking Terms and Conditions | P&O Cruises (

P&O Cruises has zero tolerance for crime on board its ships. The following is designed to offer information to all guests on proper response procedures and available law enforcement processes in the event that an incident occurs.

Passengers should immediately report missing persons and criminal activity to ship personnel so appropriate action may be taken to ensure the safety and security of all persons on board. Timely reporting of an incident is also imperative so that necessary law enforcement notifications can be made as expeditiously as possible. Incidents may be reported at any time by dialling 999 or the reception desk. Missing persons or criminal activity may also be reported directly to the on board Security Department by dialling 999 or through the reception desk. Any situations requiring medical assistance can be reported to the Medical Department at any time by dialling 999 or through the reception desk.

P&O Cruises reports all missing persons and serious criminal incidents such as homicide, suspicious death, kidnapping, assault with serious bodily injury, sexual assaults as defined by existing laws, firing or tampering with the vessel, or theft of money or property in excess of $10,000 to appropriate law enforcement authorities. In addition to our own reporting policies and other legal requirements, on international voyages that embark or disembark in the United States, U.S. federal law requires P&O Cruises to report missing U.S. nationals and the above felonies to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by telephone as soon as possible, to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security electronically, and to the U.S. Coast Guard in writing.

The US Coastguard collates reports of such incidents and the reporting statistics can be found on the following internet link

These U.S. requirements apply to all such incidents that occur on board in U.S. territorial waters, or at sea or in another country’s territorial waters if the individuals involved are U.S. nationals. The U.S. FBI may assert criminal jurisdiction in all of these circumstances. Each of the countries visited, as well as the ship’s country of registry, Bermuda, may also assert jurisdiction and impose additional reporting requirements.

For missing persons or serious criminal incidents that occur within countries visited or their territorial waters, and for incidents within U.S. states, you may independently contact local law enforcement authorities. You may also contact the U.S. FBI or U.S. Coast Guard for incidents that arise at any time during the voyage. P&O Cruises encourages all guests to learn as much as you can about the local laws and customs of the places you will visit. Good resources are your library, your travel agent, and the embassies, consulates or tourist bureaus of the countries you will visit. In addition, keep track of what is being reported in the media about recent developments in those countries. Contact information for worldwide law enforcement agencies, victim advocacy services and government agencies is provided.