Kagoshima, Japan cruise holidays

You'd be forgiven for thinking of Japan as a bustling blend of high-tech living, ancient monuments, healthy seafood and world-class technology giants.


Which is why you'll certainly be surprised to discover the tropical island idyll of Kagoshima. It's been called 'Japan's Hawaii' and compared to distant Naples. And you'll see why the moment you feast your eyes on its sheer beauty. Dominating its own version of the 'Bay of Naples', Kinko Bay is dominated by the mighty Sakurajima, an active volcano that towers above. The volcano used to occupy a smaller island, but was connected to the mainland following an eruption in 1914. Kagoshima also draws its comparisons because of a mild climate and its many palm trees, giving it a truly tropical feel. The hiking trails are worth trying, as some get you really close to the volcano itself. And the restaurants and eateries are always an attraction.

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