Nordfjordeid, Norway cruise holidays

Nestled peacefully at the end of one of Norway’s most beautiful waterways, Nordfjordeid is a picturesque, hidden gem. 

Wander the old centre of town to find white-painted buildings brimming with cafés, restaurants, bakeries and shops, or discover unique architecture at the modern opera house or the 19th century Eid Church – home to spectacular carvings and intricate paintings. At the Sagastad Viking heritage centre you can interact with fascinating exhibits and step aboard the Myklebust, an authentic 100-foot-long replica ship based on the remains of one of the largest Viking ships ever unearthed. Visiting in the summer? Why not relax in the lush Saga Park which has its own beach by the fjord?

Despite Nordfjordeid’s sleepy charm, this small village is big on adventure. Connect with the marine environment on a kayaking tour, go fishing for huge monkfish, wolf fish and mackerel, or ride a Fjord horse – one of the world’s oldest pure breeds. The surrounding emerald hillsides transform into towering mountains, and hikes in the immediate area reveal spellbinding views. Who knows, if you head up here you might even encounter the mythical Huldra – a seductive, sometimes dangerous forest creature who takes the form of a beautiful woman with a cow’s tail. If she doesn’t appear to mesmerise you, the spectacular vistas certainly will.

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