Romsdalsfjord, Norway cruise holidays

Sailing through the Norwegian fjords is one of the great maritime experiences. Formed during the Ice Age when the glaciers retreated, the deep valleys and narrow inlets were flooded with seawater creating these natural wonders. Thanks to the warmth of the Gulf Stream they are virtually ice free and easily explored.


Romsdalsfjord, in the northern region of western Norway, is one of the most beautiful areas of scenic Norway.  Deep blue fjords, rolling emerald hills, crashing waterfalls and jagged, snow-capped mountains that tower high above the water. All the while passing charming villages where Vikings once ruled. Romsdalsfjord cuts a deep gash (550 metres / 1,800 ft deep) into the earth, 88 km (55 miles) long, past Andalsnes and extending inland to Isfjorden. It also plays host to a number of small coastal towns and colourful fishing villages along the way.

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