Salalah, Oman cruise holidays

A real city of contrasts, Salalah combines the charms of contemporary resort life with older Arabic influences to dramatic effect. From its ancient ruins and abundance of frankincense to its stunning beaches and soaring mountainous landscape, there is a wealth of attractions and traditions to explore. Many famous and fabled historic figures are reputed to have resided in the city. Visit the resting place of the biblical prophet, Job, or peruse the once palace of the Queen of Sheba. Salalah's antiquity can be enjoyed further by a stroll through the lost city of Samhuran or crumbling remains of Al Blaid, which date as far back as the 12th century. The natural beauty that surrounds the city is a pleasant surprise. For its desert location it is blessed with a temperate climate, which allows its lush green countryside to flourish. See the springs of Ain Sahnot or Ain Rzat, follow one of its many mountain streams or admire the impressive heights of the Jabal al Qar.