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Sept-Iles offers a unique cultural experience with the intermingling of two nations - the Innu community and the European population. Located at the mouth of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence River, Sept-Iles (Seven Islands) is the northernmost town in Quebec with any significant population. The city borders a stunning circular bay protected by a natural barrier formed by seven islands, thus its name. This magnificent territory is the most populous Aboriginal nation in Quebec, and two of the islands are First Nations reserves. The islands are mostly uninhabited and full of wildlife, especially seabirds, which tend to dominate the islands. The Museum of the North Shore Region tells the story of the area's 8,000 years of human habitation and boasts over 40,000 objects. Stroll along the boardwalk that lines the magnificent bay and enjoy craft displays by local artisans. Re-live the first local encounter at a recreated Innu camp and experience life in a 19th-century trading post replica.

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