USA and Canada

The USA is rich with history and abundant with natural beauty. Each port offers a unique and special experience with a variety of wonders waiting to be explored. New England is a beautiful and distinctly American region, there are spectacular sandy beaches, mansions, vineyards and marinas, alongside such historical sites as Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution. Lighthouses are scattered along the picturesque coastline where whale watching is a major draw. Head further south and you reach the most iconic of American cities - New York. There's something truly breathtaking about gliding serenely by the Statue of Liberty - a sight that has greeted millions of travellers before. New York cruises have to be on everyone's 'must do' list for that sight alone.

Take a look at some example ports

There's a vast range of places you can go to with P&O Cruises.

Corner Brook, Canada

Corner Brook is brimming with history and stories of pirates and explorers. Lying on the west coast of Newfoundland at the mouth of the Bay of Islands, it's also superior for outdoor activities.

Gaspe, Canada

Gaspé is a city with an intoxicating mix of cultures, sitting at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula in eastern Quebec. It's surrounded by dramatic rock faces and jagged coasts dotted with lighthouses.

Iles de la Madeleine, Canada

Although the Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Island) archipelago is floating in the middle of the massive Gulf of St Lawrence, it belongs to the province of Quebec.

Quebec, Canada

Always a highlight of a 'Fall Foliage' cruise along the New England and Canadian coastline, Quebec City is a living testimonial to the grace of Old Europe.

Bar Harbor, United States

A popular New England cruise port, Bar Harbor has something of the look of Old England about it with visions of Cornwall evoked by the rugged coastal walk below its craggy, granite cliffs.

Boston, United States

Historic Boston is a key cruise port for 'fall foliage' trips around New England and the Canadian Maritime Provinces but anytime is a good time to enjoy this friendly, walkable city