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Mrs Lewis, 11 December 2023

Outstanding value for money. Great food, great staff great trip.

Everything on this holiday went like clockwork outstanding service from the airport to the coach. Transfers to the embarkment to the food brilliant

Mr Keetley, 11 December 2023

Good value but something missing!

Overall, the cruise was good value for money but missing the nice touches one normally associates with cruising. The main dining halls & food were very good however, the Buffet was just disorganised chaos. Access to the buffet food area was so restricted with people bumping in to each other trying to find want they want to eat, add to that the lack of trays and you have chaos. I would consider another cruise with P & O but not on the Azura.

Mr Corke, 11 December 2023

Great cruise - rubbish service from P&O U.K. staff

The Cruise was Brilliant and the ship was too but the Airline was not, the plane was about 30 years old had no entertainment on board and the seats were uncomfortable for a 9 hour flight. We booked extra leg room and were told a week before we were going that we were being moved to seats without extra leg room and were told we wouldn’t be getting a refund. P&O staff in the U.K. were awful when I complained they didn’t want to know… We have emailed the CEO of P&O explaining our grievances but we are getting know where. Will not travel with P&O ever again.

Kilburn, 11 December 2023

New ship ,fabulous food ancillary staff superb let down by surly bar staff

New ship fabulous food ancillary staff working hard to keep all areas clean let down by some bar staff and restaurant staff who clearly didn’t want to be there entertainment good Ship very plain lacked lustre to say it was a new ship after first week Christmas decorations went up which gave it some charisma Large ship with a lot of travellers so not as personal as some of the smaller ships in the fleet I prefer the personal touch will keep this in mind when book another cruise

11 December 2023

It was very good value for money ,I had a late deal for the second time I did the same cruise last year , the entertainment was very good food in the restaurant was hot and very nice , a lot of choice in the buffet but not easy to find a seat and often the food got cold , I think the wi-fi is too expensive and I don’t drink enough to get the package to include it , I did not do any trips as also expensive I thought and could catch the bus very easily for 1-70 each way in gran canairia and Lanzarote to the closest areas

11 December 2023

Still good value despite ongoing changes.

11 December 2023

Amazing Entertainment on P&O

Having booked a value holiday the value for money is excellent Food was fantastic But for me the Entertainment is what would bring me back to P&O time and time The headliners shows were amazing especially Astonishing And stand out cabaret mentions go out to Comedian David Arnold and The Pirvateers

Mr Miller, 10 December 2023

We think that The Britannia is showing its age a little, with water leaking in various places on the ship (particularly The Horizon restaurant and Headliners theatre). The main pool area is too small to cater for everyone on sea days. The entertainment was excellent throughout the trip and the crew in general were usually very helpful and friendly.

Mr Andrews, 10 December 2023

Azura Canaries Fly Cruise - Unlikely to be repeated.

The cruise itself was OK, it was the getting there and getting back that were the main issues for me. Living near Luton means that this is a much more convenient airport than the nearest option - Gatwick. To be reasonably confident of being at the airport for a 10am flight meant getting the train the day before and staying at a hotel. Yes, I knew this before booking so this is an observation not complaint. My point is that more local airport options would help (regular Luton to Canaries flights are available). The flights were by Jet 2. Leg room was fine but the seat widths were poor. I am not overly large but I felt for anyone sitting next to fellow passengers of a higher BMI. There were no USB charging points and no entertainment. Overall, the plane is OK for a Med 2 hour flight but not for a 4 hour Canaries flight. Azura is starting to get 'mature' and this shows in places - not enough to be an issue but noticeable when compared to newer ships in the fleet. The cabin was OK but, being older, included the archaic shower curtain and older TV. I was allocated fixed early dinner (1830). I found the service to be good and efficient. The meals themselves, while not exceptional were (to my taste) quite good. I enjoyed most of the entertainment. I felt that a cruise starting in November was a bit early to be pushing the Christmas theme. I enjoyed the theatre shows and guest entertainers. Special mention to the comedy troupe The Noise Next Door and Women in Rock. The comedian was not to my taste as I do not enjoy the concept of humiliating the audience members (The Noise Next Door, while having audience participation, were much more successful in this area). The 'pub' Brodies was a bit of a disappointment, offering beer flights then not having the stock. Time came to go home and the muster was fine. No problems here except for the passing comment apologising for the delay. This indicated to me that they knew that the flight would be delayed but that it suited their purposes to just get you off the ship. Tenerife Airport is basically a shopping centre with limited uncomfortable seating for those who do not wish to part with more money. Boarding was delayed by about 2 hours, with limited information until we were at the departure gate. The flight back was the same as out . Back at Gatwick and we landed just as the last train left (strike action) Loads of money for a taxi then followed. P&O could not anticipate the rail strike, however they could provide more information about flight delays, make use of more convenient local airports and charter better planes. It might be the case that the flight issues do not bother you. I include them, not as a complaint, but to give a full picture. Realistically a 9 night cruise ex Southampton takes me the same time as a 7 day fly cruise. While I will happily cruise with P&O again, for me, the flight issues are likely to be a deal breaker. So its back to Southampton again for me (under 3 hours home to cabin).

Mr Lidstone, 10 December 2023

Significant deterioration since Covid lockdowns

Evidence of wide ranging budget cuts since our last cruise, no trays in the buffet restaurant is a safety hazard. Organisation and communications poor. Cooking quality still excellent but there was a noticeable deterioration in the quality of the ingredients. Crew seem less experienced.