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Mrs Dawson, 2 July 2022

Enjoyed Ventura. Nice to see almost back to full capacity and all bars and restaurants open. Excellent staff and service.

Mr and Mrs Olliffe, 2 July 2022

A cruise to forget

Standards have dropped. Staff particularly in restaurants seemed to suffer from lack of training. Menus were limited and food not memorable. This cruise resembled what I can only describe as ‘a holiday camp’ with incessant loud music played absolutely everywhere all day! There was a fight in one of the main lounges necessitating security being called, children running around the lounges and restaurant after 9pm. Not our idea of a relaxing holiday. The ship itself looked tired with some of the chairs in The Blue Bar and Crow’s Nest in particular shabby and thread bare. We’ve never been on a cruise as bad as this one. Despite reaching Caribbean tier would seriously consider calling it a day for our P&O loyalty and leaving their ships to the ‘All inclusive’ brigade.

2 July 2022

Great Cruise

Cruise was extremely enjoyable. From embarkation to disembarkation the whole process was very well managed. This ship was beautiful. Shame we had to miss a couple of ports but still a great trip.

2 July 2022

Great ship, excellent service. Restaurant excellent

Yes, would definitely travel with P&O again. Predominately English passengers , pub prices for drinks

Mrs Kraunialis, 2 July 2022

Generally good experience

There was a lot of queuing at Southampton just waiting to board the ship which, given we all had separate boarding times, was disappointing and puzzling. Since all passengers had to be covid-free to board the ship why couldn't we sit in the terminal building and wait like before? So much paperwork to complete on line and print out was ridiculous compared to travelling by plane. The fact that every show had to be pre-booked beforehand - why, when this wasn't necessary before. The entertainment was however very good. So disappointed that Epicurean restaurant was closed, as we wanted to celebrate our anniversary. Whilst the Sindu was okay - was nothing special regarding the menu which was very limited. Food in the other restaurants was very good quality and plenty of choice. We would have like to have spent more time in the Metropolis but it was so cold we would have needed jumpers and jackets on which is hardly relaxing. Also I found the ship generally too cold in a lot of places.

Mrs Pugh, 2 July 2022

We love Britannia

Britannia is a brilliant ship. No queues, no stupid Apps that don’t work properly like on Iona. We could eat when we wanted & always got to see all the entertainment on offer. That’s a great team working well together Thank you Britannia crew for making our holiday perfect 😍

2 July 2022

So good to be back on Britannia

I had the most fantastic time on Britannia. Top-notch staff, food and entertainment. I ate in the MDR, Sindhu, Glass House, afternoon tea in the Epicurean and of course Horizon buffet. All superb. A feast of excellent entertainment including being a part of the passenger choir which was fabulous. Britannia is big enough to have everything, a great ship. I only downgrade by one star because I was on this wonderful ship pre-covid and some things aren't as good but they certainly aren't deal-breakers. I don't miss the evening turn-down service, it was nice but far from necessary. Some things were missing like flannels and conditioner, I know I could have asked for them. I think my biggest disappointment was the spa services. I always have my nails done on board for a treat. This used to be a bit of luxury, hand exfoliation, nice oils and then the manicure and nail painting. Now, for the same price, it's a cursory manicure and nail painting with a technician who looked terrified because she couldn't sell me anything or book me with a free 5 min appointment with a skin doctor. I used to buy products in there because they used them and it was a part of the whole luxury taking a purchase away from the spa. It was also off putting that there was 1 bottle of top coat between 3 nail technicians and there was hardly any in the bottle and they were passing it back and fore upside down to drain it dry. It didn't feel like a luxury experience at all. Couldn't wait to get out of there and never went back in. I totally understand that P&O are trying to get back lost money and I support them in this. I can't wait to go back on my next cruise. P & O staff make the holiday, what a lovely bunch they are!

2 July 2022

All good

The service and cleanliness was top notch,would definitely recommend and hope to travel with you again soon.

2 July 2022

Highly recommended

Excellent customer services from all staff at check-in and on board the ship. All the food in all dining locations was exceptional, although the cost of a bottle of wine was excessive (£28 for a bottle that costs £8 in our local supermarket). The majority of the entertainment was excellent; particularly the theatre shows. Would definitely recommend travelling with P&O and have already got 2 more cruises booked.

Mrs Williams, 2 July 2022

Our highlights began as soon as we got on board. Thoroughly relaxing holiday, happy memories and attentive staff. I would recommend P & O to my friends