My Wi-Fi

Say hi to My Wi-Fi. Then say hello to family and friends wherever you are in the world with us. Choose the Wi-Fi package that’s right for you and stay connected while you’re away.

Enjoy fast, reliable Wi-Fi during your cruise holiday

High-speed connection

Forget slow internet speeds, our Wi-Fi is now powered and enhanced by Starlink.

Great value packages

We have two affordable packages to choose from for you to share holiday snaps on social media, send emails and text messages, or stream movies and music.

Accessibile throughout the ship

Our Wi-Fi extends to every corner of the ship, allowing you to access it conveniently from your cabin.

Unlimited surfing

Our Wi-Fi is available 24/7. Data usage within each package is unlimited, but services that can be accessed will depend on the package you select.

Wi-Fi packages

We have two affordable Wi-Fi packages to choose from

Prices shown are for one device. Multi device packages are also available so everyone can enjoy online access at the same time.

Ultimate Wi-Fi package

£18 per day

for your entire cruise

OR £24 per day


Best for: 
✔ Web browsing
✔ Email
✔ Social media including video
✔ Texts and images
✔ Music and video streaming
✔ Voice and video calls


Essential Wi-Fi package

£12 per day

for your entire cruise

OR £18 per day


Best for: 
✔ Web browsing
✔ Email
✔ Social media
✔ Texts and images (no videos)


How to purchase a Wi-Fi package

Purchase your Wi-Fi package via your  My P&O Cruises account, available up to 3 days before your cruise. Book yours today and save 15% or more.

Alternatively, you purchase a Wi-Fi package once on board via My Holiday web app. Simply follow the easy on-screen instructions to purchase.

Mobile data roaming at sea

While you’re at sea, you’ll still be able to use your mobile phone to make and receive calls, as well as send SMS and MMS. Remember to check roaming rates with your mobile operator since prices can differ significantly. If the rates are high and you want to avoid costs by your phone company, you can turn off mobile data and roaming.

Phone calls and texts

To make phone calls or send SMS, the country code must be included when calling. Costs of calls will be added to your mobile bill, not your on-board account. Your home operator is obliged to share information about prices and cutoff limits, usually by welcome SMS.

You can use your mobile phone on board by roaming into Telenor Maritime, which is available 2nm from shore and beyond. The signal may vary from what you experience on shore. Make sure your mobile data and roaming are turned on. “Telenor Maritime” will be visible on your phone’s display, when successfully attached to the network. The service can include making and receiving voice calls and SMS, as well as data services and messaging.

Frequently asked questions about P&O Cruises Wifi

Terms and conditions:

Internet plans are satellite reception permitting. The prices shown are per day, based on one plan. You may use multiple devices on one plan, but you can only use a single device at any one time. If you wish to use multiple devices simultaneously, you will need to buy additional plans.