My Wi-Fi… your new way to stay in touch

Choose the internet plan that’s right for you and stay connected while you’re away

Say hello to My Wi-Fi. Then say hi to family and friends wherever you are in the world with us. Holidays are all about special moments and sharing the good times, either in person or with those back home. So, when on board, why not choose My W-Fi and stay connected, just the way you like It? 

Our choice of exciting new internet packages offer an enhanced service and are available 24/7 for you to share holiday snaps on social media, send emails and text messages, or stream the movies and music that make your holiday even more magical. 

What packages do we offer?

With two affordable packages to choose from, it's easier than ever to surf, share and play your way! Data usage within each package is unlimited, but services that can be accessed will depend on the package you select.


£12 per day with a cruise plan OR £18 per day

This is the straightforward option that offers you all your satellite internet essentials. 

The ESSENTIAL package is ideal if you want to stay in touch via email and social media. And you'll also be able share your holiday highlights via text and images.  

Select the cruise plan option to stay connected every day of your holiday from the moment you purchase or opt to pay per day… it’s entirely your choice.

Best for: 

  • Web browsing
  • Email
  • Social media, texts and images (no videos)


£18 per day with cruise plan OR £24 per day

This is your ultimate way to stay in touch, with faster connection speeds than the ESSENTIAL package.

Select the cruise plan option, paying just once for quality satellite access for email, video chat, browsing, social media and streaming of your favourite movies or music, every day of your holiday from the moment you purchase. Or pay per day for the same access options, on the days that suit you best.

Best for: 

  • Everything from the ESSENTIAL package
  • Music and video streaming
  • Faster connection


Our Wifi packages are avalible to purchase via your MyCruise account or please call our Customer Contact Centre on 0344 338 8003 (local call charges apply) and have your booking reference to hand. Alternatively, once you’re on board, simply use the free Wi-Fi to access and follow the easy on-screen instructions.

Three reasons to choose our internet packages

Two different packages to suit you

With two affordable packages to choose from, you can select the plan that’s right for you. There’s also options to either purchase per day or benefit from lower prices when buying a cruise plan. Plus, you can upgrade at any time throughout your cruise.

Improved service

Our new internet offering means that staying in touch while on board just got a whole lot easier. We've invested in hardware and increased our bandwidth to provide you with a faster connection speed and an enhanced service.

My Wi-Fi is available around the clock

It’s available 24/7 whilst on board, so you can stay in touch, browse and share your favourite holiday moments whenever you choose.

Calling Home

While you’re at sea, you’ll still be able to use your mobile phone to make and receive calls, as well as send text messages and photos, using International Maritime Roaming. Costs of calls will be added to your mobile bill, not your on-board account. You are strongly advised to check costs in advance with your service provider. Signal strength will vary. Cabin phones can be used to call other cabins on board as well as friends and family back home. Calls to the UK or international calls are charged at £2.49 per minute and will be added to your on-board account.

Holiday your way with My Holiday

My Holiday is your pocket planner, which you can easily access using your phone or tablet once you’re on board. It gives you the power to personalise each day of your holiday from the comfort of your cabin, sun lounger, wherever!  My Holiday is free to use and does not require you to purchase an internet package. Make sure your Wi-Fi is switched on and connected to the ship’s free Wi-Fi: P&OCruises_Guest_WIFI

Frequently asked questions

Terms and conditions:

Internet plans are satellite reception permitting. The prices shown are per day, based on one plan. You may use multiple devices on one plan, but you can only use a single device at any one time. If you wish to use multiple devices simultaneously, you will need to buy additional plans. Discounts are available for multi-device plans and plans on cruises of 16 nights or more in duration.